Geneseo City Council sets clean up dates

Loretta Lynn Pierce, Officer Hergert honored

Beth Welbers

The Geneseo City Council met Tuesday March 10.  All members were present with the exception of Doug Crow.

The Chief of Police Casey Disterhof had the pleasure of presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Loretta Lynn Pierce for her actions during an incident March 3, whereby she rendered aid to an injured subject involved in a vehicular accident.  Her quick efforts and first aid, likely prevented more extensive damage to the subject.  Officer Andrew Hurgert also received a Commendation for his role in the same incident.

The Geneseo Police Department plans to dispose of a number of items they have in their garage by having an Auction March 28.  Some items that were noted to be included were a Ford Ranger pickup, some police light bars, a used furnace & air conditioning unit, as well as many bicycles. The City will make an inventory and post it on the City's Facebook page on March 27.  Motion to approve made by Bob Wachtel, and second by Bob James.

Chamber representative Zack Sullivan spoke of the new members the Chamber has recruited in the last month, as well as spoke of accompanying Rep. Cheri Bustos on a recent visit to downtown Geneseo.  Also in his report, Sullivan recapped the successful Chamber dinner recently held at Lavender Crest, boasting almost 200 attendees. In the upcoming months, several events are scheduled, most notably, the Art Walk on April 25, and the Music Fest over Father's Day weekend.  The Theme of Music Fest will be “Salute to Ag”.

Mayor Carroll-Duda recognized the role of Junior Achievement, and recognized April 2 as JA Day. 

In Council Comments, Alderman Brett Barnhart, commented on the necessity of the proposed train station to have bathrooms.  The earlier plans did not include facilities.  Alderman Barnhart stated that if the City has to fund and maintain the depot, the option of including them should belong to the City. 

The City Administrator had received letters from a group of NorthSide 5th graders regarding the kinds of businesses they would like to see come to Geneseo and why. She got the opportunity to respond to them, adding that the letters were the highlight of that week.

Financial Director reports were that everything is pretty much on track with what is expected based on the budget and the current time of year. The Asset projects are currently on hold, waiting for better weather.  Motion to accept by Martin Rothchild, second by Craig Arnold. 

The Police Department went through the summary of the 2019 Annual Report.  This can be found online at the Geneseo website.

Approval was made to lease industrial park property for 10 months to be farmed. Notice will be given if the City chooses not to rent it again in 2021 by October 15. Motion to add additional verbiage in the event of early termination was made by Barnhart, seconded by Arnold.

City Wide Cleanup Days will be from May 18-21.  Motion was made to pay the bills by Barnhart and seconded by Arnold.

Motion to adjourn by Barnhart and second by Arnold.