Krause farm in Atkinson designated as Centennial Farm

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Back row: Steve and Angela Krause, Center Row: Olivia and Matthew, Wyatt in front.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has designated the Krause Farm in Atkinson, owned by Steve and Angela Krause, Jr. as a Centennial Farm. To qualify as a Centennial Farm, a straight or collateral line of descendants must own the agricultural property for at least 100 years. The family received this distinction to their farm after their application for designation as a Centennial Farm was approved.

The farm was originally purchased by Edward and Louise Krause on March 1, 1916. They were the great grandparents of the current owner. Angela grew up on a Centennial farm in Peoria county, that one being in her family 168 years.

Steve and Angela are 4th generation owners of the family farm. They both hold agricultural degrees, Steve earning his at Western Illinois University, and Angela at Illinois State University.

Currently the farm is used for field crops of corn and soybeans. Some swine production occurs there as well. the look forward to passing on the farm to their children, Olivia, Matthew and Wyatt.

The Illinois Centennial Farms program has recognized more than 10,187 farms since its inception in the early 1970’s. Centennial Farms receive outdoor display signage and a certificate signed by the Governor and Director of Agriculture. They are also recognized at “Agriculture Day” at the State Fair.