Geneseo Chamber offers Doublebucks gift cards

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Geneseo Republic
Geneseo Republic

The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Hanford Insurance Agency, is proud to announce the Geneseo DoubleBucks Gift Card program.

The Geneseo DoubleBucks Gift Card program that is an electronic gift card platform that doubles a customer's gift card purchase from your store. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses and organizations who are able and willing to contribute, this program is possible. The goal for the fund was established at $25,000, which would generate $50,000 for our local economy. Contributions to the program have surpassed $30,000, resulting in over $60,000 generated for our local economy when the program exhausts funds. The donors of the program will be recognized when the program goes public.

Consumers interested in purchasing the DoubleBucks gift cards can do so online, at . For example, a $25 DoubleBucks Gift Card can be redeemed for $50 at a participating merchant.

Using local gift card program coordinators Yiftee as a platform, the program is designed to get revenue into the hands of businesses most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic shut down. These businesses include, but are not limited to: retail, furniture, restaurants, fitness centers/gym memberships, movie theaters, and more.

In order to participate in the Geneseo DoubleBucks Gift Card Program, your business must sign up through Yiftee. There is no cost to the businesses or to the Chamber to participate in this program. Gift cards can be selected for use at any participating store, not unlike the current Geneseo Chamber Gift Certificate program.

Representatives from Yiftee and the Chamber will be reaching out to sign businesses up for the DoubleBucks program. More detailed yet easy-to-understand information about how to participate for businesses and customers is forthcoming as well. But please be advised that a representative from Yiftee calling or emailing on the Geneseo Chamber's behalf is an authorized partnership for the DoubleBucks program and not a routine sales call. You may double check your junk email if you do not receive an email communication from Yiftee within the next week.

If your business is interested in participating in the DoubleBucks program or if you have any questions, please reply to Zack Sullivan directly at 309-944-2686.