Geneseo Shoot the Loop to have car cruise, fun night, July 11.

Beth Welbers
The Daily Driver

A Geneseo Facebook group, known as Geneseo Shoot the Loop, has taken the Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural Loop Cruise event, and expanded on it.

The 1st Annual Shoot the Loop event, on May 23, organized by the Chamber as a way to get people to come out and enjoy what the City had to offer, even under the Phase 3 restrictions, With an “American Graffiti” feel to the cruise, participants were urged to wave at some friends, pickup up come curbside, and enjoy the springtime weather.

Geneseo Shoot the Loop has since expanded on those events, with classic car enthusiasts bringing their babies out to cruise the Geneseo “Loop”. The City having allowed sidewalk “al fresco” dining, and have set up a Food Court in the Central Bank pavilion.

With the generosity of a few locals, including Chuck Larson of Rock River Arms, and Scott Bickett of Princeton, music was added to the original idea, and the Cruise has snowballed from there. The second Cruise was had on June 6, with these enhancements. According to the Geneseo Shoot the Loop’s Facebook page, the next Cruise will be scheduled for July 11.

A discussion with event organizer, Mark Sidelinger, the event is about the time honored right of passage, of Saturday night cruising with your best girl by your side, grabbing a bite to eat at your favorite snack shop, and driving your hometown streets. “It’s not about the fanciest cars, the last one we had, lots of people brought their daily drivers, cars, trucks, scooters, motorcyles, including an 81 Chevette. ” stated Sidelinger. “Genseo is a beautiful community, it is an opportunity to bring people and their cars out to have a good time and relax.”

The next Shoot the Loop Cruise is anticipated to begin with Park in the Park from 5 - 7:30 PM on the evening of Saturday July 11. Photos of participating vehicles will occur from 6-7 PM, at the intersection of First and State. Cruising will be at the drivers leisure, live music at the Central Bank Pavilion downtown from 6-9 PM. In the spirit of Hot Rods and the Cruiser scene, a large movie screen will be playing American Graffiti starting at 9 PM, weather permitting, in the Central Bank Pavillion. Thanks to the Geneseo Park District Foundation, and Geneseo Mayor Sean Johnson for helping us make this happen.

Future Cruises are anticipated for August 1 and again in September. Watch for additional information on the group’s Facebook page,

Long hood of an early 70's Plymouth