Milk for Community project continues

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
David Santee, left, manager of Geneseo Save A Lot, and 11-year-old Eli Palmer, Geneseo, received sufficient donations to be able to continue to provide free milk for families in the Geneseo School District.

Eli Palmer planned for his “Milk Does a Community Good” project to continue through May, but the young man received so many donations that he has found a way to continue providing free milk for Geneseo families.

Palmer launched the project with Geneseo Save A Lot in the beginning of May, and hoped to receive enough contributions to provide one free gallon of milk a week through May to the families utilizing the food pickup offered through the Geneseo School District.

The overwhelming response to Eli’s efforts provided sufficient funds for the project to continue, but in a different manner as the school district’s meal pickup program was held through May.

Brent Boxell, director of the summer Lunch Box program in Geneseo, agreed to include flyers about the current free milk distribution project with the lunches given through Lunch Box.

Eli and his mother, Styphanie Palmer, are at Save A Lot in Geneseo from 6 to 7 p.m. every Thursday handing out one free gallon of milk to each family who would like the milk.

His mother said the Palmer family found that Geneseo is a very generous community and his mother, Styphanie Palmer, said, “We needed $1,400 to give free milk for one month (in May). Eli raised almost $3,000 so we had tons of money left over after that initial distribution.”

“We actually ended up giving two to three gallons of milk away at the lunch program because we had so many donations,” she said.

Palmer, a Geneseo School District sixth grader, and the son of Dan and Styphanie Palmer, Geneseo, came up with the idea to team up with David Santee, manger of Geneseo Save A Lot, to donate milk to the Geneseo families. For every gallon of milk purchased at Save A Lot, the store donated a gallon. Donations also were mailed to the Palmer household in Geneseo.

“It’s been kind of slow handing out the milk now at Save A Lot, and we are hoping more families will come in Save A Lot and get the free milk,” Styphanie Palmer said. “We want others to benefit from the very generous donations given by this community.”