Wiley Park stage closer to completion

by Carol Townsend correspondent
A crane unloads portions of the stage to be erected in Wiley Park

Pictured are the arches being delivered last week for the new stage for Wiley Park.

The stage has had a little snag in the construction. Derrin Frank of Annawan was hired to do the cement and put in the columns. When he was digging he hit the old wading pool what was in Wiley Park. The wading pool was a cement pool that area children used to wade and swim in. It was filled in but apparently the structure was still there.

City administrator David Dyer said that the city is now waiting on the engineers to come back and re-stake the stage as several of the stakes have been destroyed.

The arches were delivered and Mesicvale of Galesburg were present last week. They said they hope to be back in about a month to put up the arches. They hope the cement work and the columns can be completed by then.

Ratliff of Kewanee brought over the crane to unload the arches.