Setting up Aisle of Flags

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
A passerby stops to look at the American Flags along one of the sidewalks at Geneseo City Park. Photo by Claudia Loucks

Setting up Geneseo’s Aisle of Flags is a process….a process that takes many hands and feet. Men, women and children were at Geneseo City Park by 7 a.m. on Saturday, July 4, with willing hearts and hands to do their part in putting in place the 819 American flags included in the patriotic display.

Bob DeBoever is president of the Aisle of Flags, which is when American Flags in memory and in honor of local veterans are placed in Geneseo City Park and North Park. DeBoever assumed the president’s position when his wife died in 2018, as she had been president from 2011 until her death.

The project was started in 1981 by three ladies from the Geneseo VFW Auxiliary who had lost their husbands…”Their husbands’ memorial flags that had been on their caskets were put away on shelves in their homes and they wanted to get a program going to show the flags and fly them on Memorial Day, July 4 and Veterans Day, weather permitting.

The Aisle of Flags has grown to include 819 flags and represents 835 veterans because some of the individual flags represent more than one person’s name, DeBoever said.

The flags in the Aisle of Flags represent veterans who have some connection to the Geneseo area and for more information, contact DeBoever at 309-944-6343.

It took many volunteers to put the 819 flags in place on July 4 in Geneseo City Park. Photo by Claudia Loucks