Andover fox collage donated

by Mindy Carls correspondent

After a winter photographing bald eagles, Kevin Isaacson of Andover turned his lenses on foxes during the spring.

He did not have to go far. Andover residents were blessed with two fox families, one of them close to his business, Austin Oaks Portrait Studio.

Isaacson posted the photos on the “What’s Going on in Andover?” page on Facebook. He selected a dozen for a collage that will hang in the American Woman’s League chapter house.

Because the Woman’s League chapter house is closed most of the time, Michael Carlson displayed the collage for the public to see on Saturday, July 11, in the west pavilion at Andover Lake Park. Carlson is the president of the Andover Historical Society.

Isaacson was out of town on Saturday, but he left a written statement about the photos — and the foxes.

“We were coming home from the Quad Cities one Saturday morning this spring when we noticed a fox by the northwest corner of town,” Isaacson said. “We quickly went home and returned with a camera and took a few images of this lone fox.”

One photo showed the fox by the historical marker on the west edge of town, he said. He posted it on the Facebook page.

“That started my journey with the foxes,” Isaacson said.

Discovering two families of foxes lived in the village, he received permission to park in yards and driveways where the foxes were seen.

“They soon got used to seeing my vehicle,” Isaacson said. “They really didn’t seem bothered by me at all.”

He said the foxes behave much like family pets.

“They run, jump, wrestle and cuddle just like our dogs,” Isaacson said. “Mom and Dad were always keeping a watchful eye on the little ones. As they grew, it became much harder to tell the kits from the adults. The kits soon were attempting to hunt on their own.”

With the corn and weeds growing tall, it is now harder to spot the foxes, he said.

“I do see a lone fox now and then, but not in a group,” Isaacson said. “We know we have lost a fox or two already. Hopefully we see them return to Andover next spring.”

Isaacson said he was thrilled with the enjoyment his photos gave his neighbors and friends.

“I hope that seeing these images brought a smile to your face, as seeing these beautiful animals did to mine,” he said.

To purchase any of the wildlife photos, e-mail Isaacson at