Movie filmed in Andover wins awards

by Mindy Carls correspondent
"Sons and Daughters of Thunder," partially filmed in Jenny Lind Chapel in January 2014, won seven awards at the Iowa Motion Picture Awards on Saturday, Aug. 8. Director Kelly Rundle, left, is shown taking photographs at the foot of the pulpit.On the right, clockwise from lower left, are Janos Horvath as the Rev. LymanBeecher, Daniel Rairdin-Hale as Calvin Stowe, Kimberly Furness, casting, andJessica (Denney) Taylor as Harriet Beecher. Rundle won for direction and Taylor for actress.

“Sons and Daughters of Thunder,” partially filmed in Jenny Lind Chapel, Andover, won seven awards at the 29th annual Iowa Motion Picture Awards held Saturday, Aug. 8.

The film tells the story of Lane Seminary students debating the abolition of slavery in 1834 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films, Moline, were the co-producers.

One of the students featured in the film was Calvin Stowe (Daniel Rairdin-Hale), who eventually married Harriet Beecher (Jessica Denney Taylor). The film describes her growing awareness of the evils of slavery, which she depicted in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

Receiving the association’s top honor, the Award of Excellence, were: • Live Action Entertainment, long form (over $50,000), “Sons and Daughters of Thunder.”

• Direction, long form (60 minutes or over), Kelly Rundle. He tied Stephen Folker, director of “Overdue.” The association’s website said, “These two amazing films were so great that the judges felt one could not win over the other.”

• Actor, Thomas Alan Taylor as Theodore Weld, theological student who was one of the Lane Rebels.

• Supporting Actress, Kimberly Kurtenback as Catharine Beecher, sister of Harriet Beecher.

• Original Music Score, William Campbell.

The Award of Achievement was presented to

• Editing, long form (60 minutes), Kelly Rundle.

• Actress, Jessica (Denney) Taylor as Harriet Beecher.

Kevin Railsbeck was nominated for Director of Photography.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the awards were presented in a Zoom virtual ceremony. Normally about 100 entries are submitted in the annual contest, but this year a record-breaking 160 entries were made.

“Sons and Daughters of Thunder” and “A Place to Grow” topped the field with eight nominations each.