Geneseo schools host community blood drive

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is hosting a blood drive in cooperation with the Geneseo School District on September 24, from 10am to 6 pm at the John & Carla Aquatic Center - Poolside Room.

How does this involve the Geneseo Schools? All four schools in Geneseo have a chance to obtain the $250 Lifesavings Grant.

1. How will that work? Answer: at registration, the donor will be asked what school they would like to credit their donation towards and that will be recorded. For every donation collected in the name of that school, that donation will go towards the running totals for that school. 20 collected units minimum are needed to receive the Lifesavings Grant. Any units collected of over 20, the school will receive $1 per unit over the 20.

2. What if a donor has a child in two separate schools? Answer: Sorry, only one school can get credit per donation.

Every donor will receive a voucher to redeem a retro t-shirt or a $5 gift card.

1. What happens if a donor, for some reason, is unable to donate, can they still redeem an item? Answer: Yes, all presenting donors, if they have registered, will have the right to redeem an item, whether they were able to donate or not.

New protocols put in place since COVID-19. Our website has up to date information and protocols in regards to COVID-19. Visit: Here are just a few of the changes:

1. All donors and staff are required to wear a face covering.

2. All donors are required to make an appointment to help ensure social distancing.

3. We encourage donors to answer the question portion from home. On the day of the blood drive, only! They could go online at: or on their smart phone, text to 999-777 and type in the word EarlyQ. This will help save up to 10 to 15 minutes at the blood drive.

4. Only donors are allowed at the blood drive. Sorry, no additional friends or family members at the blood drive. Donors ONLY!

Donations are needed and with the schools are going remotely, collections are down. Schools help us collect many valuable units to help patients in our community hospitals. So thank you for helping us maintain collections during this uncertain time!

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is the sole provider of blood products to Hammond-Henry Hospital and all hospitals in the Quad Cities.