Geneseo sisters donate to Humane Society

Beth Welbers
Austyn May smiles as she shows off the trove of supplies donated to the Geneseo Humane Society

Paysli Christ, Bailey Christ and Austyn May spent the last few months, since the Covid lockdown making bead magnets, and other crafts, as a local fundraiser to generate the $500 in cash and items to donate to the Geneseo Humane Society. They presented their donations to the Humane Society this Tuesday September 1.

Earlier in the spring, after seeing a video about a man donating to his local Shelter, the girls petitioned their parents to allow them to go on a shopping trip on behalf of the Society. But like many households, funds were too tight to accommodate such a benevolent action.

After a day of crafts making melting bead magnets of cats and dogs the idea to sell them for donations arose. Paysli(9), Bailey(6), and Austyn(2) spent two weeks creating, packaging, and organizing magnets and plant stakes out of melting beads.

With help from family, they began selling them on local marketplace sites offering contact less delivery. As donations began to come in the girls excitement for the project grew. They continued to sell online, family took items to workplaces, and during citywide garage sales they safely sold curb side. While sitting curb side, on hot days, sale signs were for only 3 hours a day and Paysli chose to sit next to the road for nearly 8 hours each day because she might get another “customer”.

Once the girls had raised over $150 the shopping trip was planned. Parents checked the shelters website and made a small list of items they wanted/needed and headed to Farm and Fleet. They all put on our masks, got a cart and went into the store. Bailey checked off the items the shelter needed and Austyn began grabbing toys, treats, collars, and so much more. The girls were so excited about the cart full of items they were able to buy for the animals awaiting a new home. It wasn’t until the candy in the checkout lane that they even asked for anything for them selves.

This just inspired them more and other magnets were made in multiple forms. They started taking special orders and reaching out to family and friends. The fundraiser continued through summer break. The girls donated $620 in cash and items to the Geneseo Humane Society on Tuesday September 1.

L to R,  Paysli Christ, Austyn May and Bailey Christ  wait for "customers" to purchase the handmade magnets and plant stakes that they financed their donations to the Humane Society with.