Geneseo Council to move forward with Ash St. Lift Station

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Mayor Sean Johnson

Geneseo City Council met on September 22 in the Council chambers, the public was invited to participate using the livestream available at the City’s YouTube channel.

Mayor Johnson remarked that Tuesday’s events with the standoff between law enforcement and Jeffrey Blunk , “ Were a reminder that even here we are not immune to violence. We are grateful to all law enforcement, They are there to run towards the trouble when human nature is to run away.”

Bob Wachtel remarked during Council comments that the park at Richmond Hill is just beautiful. The City is to take possession of the completed park October 1.

Paula Simosky complimented the City, as a water main broke in her neighborhood, and the professionalism and expediency with which the problem was handled impressed her.

The Ash Street Lift station was let for bids, and McClintock Trucking and Excavating was awarded the project at a projected cost of $277,000. The lift station was last refurbished sometime in the 80’s. The project plans to move the station about 80 feet and includes a generator for those instances when the power is out. Motion to accept the bid and move forward was made by Brett Barnhart and seconded by Craig Arnold.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant project will be let for bids on September 29. The bid will be awarded at the October 13 meeting. Motion to accept the letting for bids was made by Bob Wachtel and seconded by Doug Crow.

The Council was also asked that the 2010 Ford Explorer used by the Community Service Officer be declared surplus property and sold. The CSO would be moved into another vehicle.

Trick or Treat was discussed. The Council and the Mayor agreed that it would be allowed on Saturday October 31, as long as IDPH guidelines were adhered to.

Motion to pay the bills by Bob Wachtel and seconded by Craig Arnold.

Motion to adjourn by Brett Barnhart and seconded by Martin Rothschild.