Annawan Police have new home

Claudia Loucks
Annawan Mayor Tim Wise, left, and Police Chief Doug Elliott are shown in front of the new location of the Annawan Police Department. Photo by Claudia Loucks

The Annawan Police Department has a new home at 110 South Depot St., the former location of Unity Point Clinic – Family Medicine.

When Unity Point outgrew its space and moved into a larger office in Annawan, their original location was donated to the Village of Annawan. The new clinic is Hammond-Henry Urgent Care.

Mayor Tim Wise and the Village Board decided that space would become the Annawan Police Station and the six part-time officers and one full-time officer (Chief Elliott) moved into their new home near the end of September. Annawan Police Chief Doug Elliott is very happy with the larger space and said, “We love the size of our new station.”

The police department previously was housed in what Elliott refers to as “a closet. We had one room, probably about 15 ft. by 5 ft. in a back closet of the Village Hall and there were no windows.”

The Village Hall is located in a building at 200 North Meadow Lane in Annawan.

“All the credit goes to Mayor Tim Wise and the village board,” Elliott said. “About three years ago when Mayor Wise became mayor, he came into the station and said, ‘We are going to get you a new police station’. He looked around our (former space) and he had been police chief in Annawan so he knew how inconvenient the small space was. But I thought that is just one of those things and maybe one of these days, right….And it is now a reality. I have been a policeman for 33 years and really didn’t think this would happen this soon.”

Elliott served on the Rock Island Police Department for 25 years before joining the Annawan Dept. as Police Chief seven years ago.

There are seven rooms and two bathrooms in the new location of the Police Dept. and moving into the new space didn’t come without work, and Elliott explained, “We completely gutted the whole thing. It had a flat roof and we put a slanted roof on, replaced all the wiring, put in new water pipes and new duct work, central air, new furnace, new water heater, new generator and installed new carpeting. And we have absolutely no debt.”

“The building was donated to us and all of the renovating and remodeling was done with TIF money and through grants received with the help of State Senator Dan Swanson,” Elliott said. “I love showing off this building.”

Wise also is proud of the project and said, “It was a combined effort by village employees, private donations and special use funds that allowed us to do this project debt free.”

“We are happy with this space as there is now proper evidence storage space and work space for Doug and the part-time officers that work for us,” Wise said. “It also provides privacy for meeting with victims and witnesses.”