Henry County votes

Beth Welbers
Former Sheriff Jim Padilla will be one of the newest County Board members for District 2.

Henry County voters turned out at the polls in force, Tuesday November 3. According to County Clerk, Barb Link, 73% of Henry County voters showed up to voice their choices.

President of United States : President Trump (R) decisively won Henry County over Vice President Joe Biden, (D) 15,266 to 9,762. Although, the state did end up in the Blue column at the end of the night, with Illinois going to Biden, 55.1% to Trump's 43%. As of this writing, no clear winner has been named on the national results, citing mail in ballots yet to be counted in several battleground states.

The Illinois Congressional Amendment, also known as the “Fair Tax” Amendment, which would allow changes to be made to the Illinois Constitution, and a graduated income tax to be implemented, instead of the flat tax currently in place, was defeated. In Henry County, 6248 voted Yes to change the Constitution, with an overwhelming 17,306 voting No. Statewide, the results were closer, with 55% of the electorate voting No. The Constitution will not be changed, and the flat tax will remain in place.

United State Senator for Illinois results also showed Henry County's desire for change, with incumbent Dick Durbin (D) only receiving 9,971 votes to challenger Mark Curran's ( R ) 14,524 votes. Illinois results at the end of the night gave the Senate seat back to Durbin, 52.3% to Curran's 40.9%.

Illinois 17th Congressional District, with challenger Esther Joy King ( R ) taking 14, 925 Henry County votes to incumbent Cheri Bustos ( D )10,488 votes. The rest of the District gave the seat back to Bustos, by a relatively slim margin, 51%, to King's 48.3%, with only 10,000 votes separating them in a District which winds it's way across western Illinois, taking in portions of Rockford on down to Peoria.

State Senate District 37, covering most portions the County, candidate Win Stoller, ( R ) running unopposed, also garnered 78.4% of Henry County votes.

State Representative District 71, which covers portions of western Henry County, showed Tony McCombie ( R ) receiving 2674 votes to challenger Joan Padilla's (D) 1436. District wide, McCombie retains her seat, winning 61.6% of the vote to Padilla's 38.4%.

State Representative District 74, Henry County poured out it's support for Dan Swanson of Alpha ( R ), with 15,408 votes over challenger Christopher DeMink (D) 5588. District wide, Swanson was handily re-elected, 71.1% to DeMink's 28.9%.

In Henry County races, Terilyn Kuster Motley ( R ), running unopposed was elected Henry County Circuit Clerk. Cathy Runty, ( R ), also running unopposed, was elected Henry County States' Attorney. Incumbent Melissa Watkins ( R ) , running unopposed, will be the County's Coroner.

County Board District 1, which covers the northern part of the County, had seven candidates running for five seats. Incumbents Kathy Nelson ( R ), Mark Burton, ( R), and Ray Elliot ( R ) will welcome newcomers Angie Young Frank ( R) and Joseph Garrity ( R ) to the Board. Henry Murphy (D) and Bill Womac (D) were unsuccessful in their bid for a seat.

County Board District 2, covering the southern half of the County had nine candidates vying for the five available seats. Incumbents Shawn Kendall ( R ), and Dwayne Anderson ( R ) will welcome newcomers Malissa Sandberg ( R ), Natalie Collins ( R ), and former sheriff Jim Padilla ( R ) to the Board. Incumbent board member John Sovanski (D), Martin Ryan (D), Tom May (D), and Ruth Kapacinskas (D) were unsuccessful in securing a seat on the Board.

County Board District 1 had one seat to fill an unexpired 2 year term that went to incumbent board member James “Jim” Thompson ( R ), defeating Betty Murphy (D), 8560 to 4779.

14th Judicial Circuit District elected Peter Church (D) to fill the vacancy of Hon. Walter Braud, with a 66.4% margin. Both Linnea E. Thompson and Terence M. Patton will be retained as Judges in the 14th Circuit district, each collecting 64.97% and 70.32% respectively in Henry County.

3rd Judicial District asking if Tom Kilbride should be retained as Judge, the voters of Henry County were fairly evenly split, Yes votes of 12,363, versus No votes of 11,264. District wide, Kilbride failed to garner the necessary 60% of the Yes votes to keep his position, Yes votes at 56.4% and No at 43.6%. Mary McDade collected the necessary margin of Yes votes in Henry County, 64.97%, and will be retained as Judge District wide.

Local resident, Dan Swanson, will be returning to Springfield as the State Representative from the 74th District with a decisive margin.