Cedar tree now an American eagle

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
Doris (Skipper) Snow stands by the carved American eagle that is now in place in her yard, on the stump of the tall Cedar Tree that was blown over in a summer storm. Photo by Claudia Loucks

Doris (Skipper) Snow misses the tall Cedar Tree that she could see from her kitchen window, but in its place is a large carved American eagle, perched on the stump of what was once the Cedar Tree.

Snow, who lives on U.S. Rt. 81 at the east edge of Cambridge, said it was July 23 of this year when the tree was removed from the property after it had blown down and one of the crew members of the tree service recommended a chain saw artist who could create a carving from the tree trunk.

She contacted chain saw artist Tim Bryner of Kewanee, who also is a Kewanee policeman, and Snow shared, “I asked him if he could carve an eagle out of the tree trunk, and he said, ‘send me a picture of the trunk and after I sent the picture he said he thought he could make an Eagle out of the trunk.”

When asked why she chose to have an eagle carved, Snow said, “Because we do have a real eagle who sits in the trees in our yard.”

The four-foot tall sculpture is named “Dale Snow,” after her grandpa-in-law. “He lived on this property shortly after the 1900’s and I moved here in 1989. That Cedar Tree was the first thing I saw when I looked out my kitchen window in the morning, I miss that tree a l lot but I know there is an eagle out there now and that makes me feel better.”

Snow added that the chain saw artist said it was the first time he had carved a Cedar Tree and “he said he really enjoyed doing it because of the fragrance of the cedar. And he did the carving with one of his arms broken.