Henry County Board thanks outgoing members for their service

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Henry County courthouse clock

The Henry County Board met via teleconference on Thursday November 19.  All members were in attendance, as well as several of the incoming members who will be sworn in December 1. 

Board Chairman, Marshall Jones took a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting to thank outgoing Circuit Clerk, Jackie Oberg and States Attorney Matt Schutte, who are retiring at the end of the term, for their years of service.  Outgoing members of the Board, Rex Kiser, Roger Gradert, Larry Reddick, Jerry Thompson, and John Savonski, were also congratulated on their years of service,  Chairman Jones stated that what makes the Board work so well was that after each election, members would put aside the party affiliations, and work together for the good of the County.  

Rolling up their sleeves, and getting right to work, the Board flew through the various Committee reports.  Planning and Development approved the rezoning of a parcel of land near Colona from Agricultural to Residential.

Administration asked for approval for the County's insurance package for Property, Casualty, and Work Comp insurance, which with the appropriate credits, totaled $648,936.  The rough total on the completed jail parking lot came to $210,829.  $7522 of a retainer is still being held pending any further changes, and will be refunded in the spring. 

Health and Social Services noted that the old Maintenance Building was used as a practice burn for the Geneseo Fire Department.  Currently 85 residents are at Hillcrest, and no new residents are being taken at this time.  Jan May cited the Covid restrictions, as well as staffing issues for the moratorium on new admittance.  One resident is in isolation and 10-12 staff members are out. Incentives, in the form of $25 gift cards for each additional shift picked up, are are being used to get staff to cover the schedule. 

Public Safety has antigen tests for First Responders.  The jail is full with 99 inmates. 

Transportation states that the paving on Rt5 in Atkinson is complete, and are currently waiting on IDOT for the guardrails.  The truck that was authorized for purchase several months back has been delivered, and is currently in service. The asphalt plant is shut down for the season, and a stockpile of winter patching material is on hand. 

The Board approved the the letter to Governor Pritzker that was the result of a special meeting of the Board, November 10 in Kewanee.  The point of the letter was that Henry county was looking for more equitable treatment of businesses in regards to the mitigations incurred.  Henry County supports the small businesses here. 

Susan Frey from the Recorder's office has been named Employee of the Month. She will be given a special parking place to use for the month.

Kathy Nelson stated that she had to commend the ingenuity of the Great Revivalist in Geneseo for their efforts to keep patrons warm on the patio.  Greenhouses with electric fireplaces, the grain bin with the heaters, and electric heaters and bales of straw are on hand to  accommodate people who may be waiting for a table.