Small Business Saturday is November 28

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Every year after everyone is full of turkey, their thoughts turn towards the next big holiday, Black Friday. That retail experience has been somewhere between bargain hunters paradise, and stampede. Generally promoted by large big box retailers, Black Friday offers deep discounts to get bargain hunters in the store, hoping they leave with their pockets considerably emptier. 

 American Express created Small Business Saturday as the way to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local. It has taken off, celebrating 11 years of drawing attention to the friends and neighbors who also help turn the wheels of commerce in your hometown. 

Jim Kelly, Henry County's Economic Development Director, remarked “Small Business Saturday 2020 is celebrating its 11th year, and unlike in the years past, it will look different.  No crowding into stores.  But you can still have a successful buying experience here in Henry County, as our businesses are following health and safety guidelines to provide their customers a safe environment.  Be prepared as a customer to follow some simple rules of face masking, social distancing, store capacity limits and viewing your clerk at the counter thru plexiglass.  Henry County and all the communities within the county relies on local tax dollars to maintain our infrastructure, when you purchase at a small local business, that business will pay their share of local business taxes into their community.  Your money stays in the community and reenters it to contribute to a positive economic structure.  Local small businesses are a big boost in helping the economy as well as local schools, libraries and public services.  So please, take time this coming Saturday and walk along the streets to visit your local stores in Henry County. By doing so, you will make your community stronger.  Weather forecast looks to be close to 70 and sunny, so go out for a local dinner that is participating in outdoor dining and enjoy your day.” 

A visit to the local Chamber of Commerce website should be able to provide a listing of the participating businesses, both brick and mortar, and those with e-stores. 

Remember that every purchase made at a small business, goes to help fund that business owners kids dance classes, braces, baseball uniforms, donations to good local causes, as opposed to helping some faceless CEO purchase a third vacation home.

This year, please buy local.

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