Galva Tour of Lights

by Carol Townsend correspondent

The Galva Arts Council will feature a Tour of Lights Saturday, December 12th from 6-8 p.m.. Maps of the homes will be available at the Galva Arts Council building on North Exchange or on facebook.

It is a drive-by tour to see the decorated homes.

On this tour this year are:

*Tami Ketelson, 120 NE 8th Street

*The Inces, 508 NW 3rd Avenue

*Dale and Sharon Collis, 504 NW 3rd Avenue

*The Triggs, 304 NW 6th Avenue

*Michelle Jaco, 415 SW 5th Avenue

*Chelcee and Justin Owens, 820 NE 2nd Street

*Tom and Sarah Clark, 821 NE 2nd Street

*Tina Hutchinson, 818 NE 3rd Street

*Heather Anderson Nance, 1214 NW 3rd Avenue

*Roger and Deb Smith, 210 NW 1st Avenue

*The Halsalls, 26 SW 9th Avenue

*The Norways, 502 NW 11th Street

*The Humphreys, 311 NW 2nd Street

*David Heck, 212 NW 5th Street

*The Hands, 609 SW 4th Street

*The Gales, 208 State Route 17

*The Roofs, 208 NE 2nd Avenue

*The Kendalls, 400 NW 9th Street

*The DeCrane Farms, 19022 Bonham Road

*Four J Farms, 2197 East 1950th Street

*Robert and Carlin Follis, 410 NW 2nd Avenue

*Melody Modesto, 511 NW 11th Street

Donations may be left at the Arts Council.