Geneseo Education Association allocates Sherrard Grant Funds

by Claudia Loucks correspondent

The Geneseo School District has been able to add four instructional coaches for a pilot program at the Geneseo Middle School, with financial help from the Geneseo Education Foundation.

Sharon Neumann, GEF director, said the Foundation allocated $120,000 from the Sherrard Trust, for two projects – the addition of Dawn Gale, Rachel Hamilton, Ashley Morey and Teri Mincks as instructional coaches for the pilot program, with the goal of district-wide implementation next year; and to upgrade LED lighting at Northside and Millikin Elementary Schools.

Neumann said the District requested $83,000 for the pilot program.

Geneseo School District Superintendent Dr. Adam Brumbaugh said, “The implementation of instructional coaches has been a huge success since the start of school on Aug. 13.”

The district began the school year with a 50 percent remote learning plan due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently on 100 percent remote.

Neumann said the instruction from the coaches has been helpful in implementing plans to switch from in-person to remote on such short notice, the superintendent said, and he added, “These coaches are helping fellow teachers with professional development, remote learning instructions, and now recording lessons which have been timely in adapting to remote learning.”

The remainder of the Sherrard Grant was used for LED lighting conversion at Northside and Millikin schools.

Brumbaugh said, “Student academic performance should go up on local and national assessments as a result of installing LED dimmable lighting into our schools. Research also shows that providing dimmable lighting in classrooms improves mood, concentration, and can have a great impact on lowering energy costs.”

Neumann said, “These funds make a tremendous impact on our schools each year. Our Foundation strives to make our schools the best they can be, and these funds certainly help us to be a cut above the rest.”

The Geneseo Education Foundation provides programs and educational opportunities that exceed or extend present offerings, and the Foundation’s funds are used to

complement, enrich, and enhance the educational opportunities and experiences for students in the Geneseo District beyond tax support.

Those opportunities come from teachers writing grants for their projects.

For more information about the GEF and how area residents can support the GEF mission, visit contact Neumann at or call 309-944-5522.

Ashley Morey
Dawn Gale
Teri Mincks
Rachel Hamilton