Galva School Board discusses athletics

by Carol Townsend correspondent

The Galva school board passed their annual tax levy in the amount of $4.84 per $100 of assessed valuation.

The board approved to use money from the Fire Prevention and Safety Funds to purchase a sprinkler system for the greenhouse near the ag department. Superintendent Doug O’Riley said that he did not have a cost because they had not taken bids yet. He said that this is a mandate for the sprinklers.

The board approved to employee:

*Emily Dulla as 5th grade teacher starting January 4th, 2021

*Patrick Sloan as assistant varsity baseball coach for the 2021 season.

Most of Monday  nights meeting was a joint zoom meeting with Williamsfield, Galva and ROWVA concerning co-op with their sports.

The new proposal was to co-op all high school sports and junior high football, softball and baseball.

Kurtis Smyth, Galva’s athletic director stated that this would be more competitive to the kids to expand the co-op.  Some of the schools run low on numbers.

They would like to have a freshman team, sophomore team and then a Varsity team. This would allow for more athletics to play.

It will allow for all of the gyms to be used in the three schools .

It was proposed that Williamsfield would host the Fall Sports, ROWVA the winter sports and Galva the Spring sports.

There would be governing boards in each district which would be an administrator, a school board member and a community member.

All present coaches would need to resign and re-apply if they choose.

They would want to recruit and retain qualified coaches.

Uniforms would have to be purchased for the co-op would was expected to cost between $15,000 to $20,000 per school.

Several athletics at all of the three schools spoke on how they thought this would be a good idea to co-op all of the sports. It was felt that all athletes would earn their spot on the team and would try hard.

Several of  the students said they they liked the co-op as they met friends from all of the schools.

There was a meeting scheduled for January 5th but that meeting will not take place.

Superintendent Doug O’Riley said Tuesday morning that the Galva board felt they needed a lot more time to research this as it came up very quickly.

Several of the concerns from members of the other boards that the communities had not been informed on this.