Successful Christmas Walk for 2020

by Claudia Loucks correspondent

The 2020 Geneseo Christmas Walk was a success! Zack Sullivan, executive director of the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce, said, “The Geneseo Chamber and Christmas Walk committee is proud of this year’s Christmas Walk effort. 2020 has been a difficult year to plan community events. Our team of dedicated, forward thinking volunteers went above and beyond to ensure that one of Geneseo’s most cherished traditions continued in 2020.”

In commenting about the 2020 Lighted Christmas Parade, Sullivan smiled and said, “The 2020 Geneseo Christmas Walk featured the greatest Christmas parade in Geneseo history. It will be interesting to see how we top that in 2021.”

Because of the snow accumulation the morning of Dec. 12, it was not possible to display luminaries, and the display is currently scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. (tomorrow) Saturday, Dec. 19, in City Park. If the weather is again too wet for the display, the Chamber will set up the display on a later date to be announced.

Sullivan said the planned display on Dec. 12 was postponed due to the heavy wet snowfall in the morning.

“The Geneseo Chamber will present the luminaries as ‘Geneseo’s Victorian Luminary Display' – a nod to the Victorian Walk era in Geneseo that featured thousands of luminaries lining the streets,” Sullivan said. “Luminary displays have long been a part of Geneseo’s Christmas time traditions and this year’s Victorian luminary display is sure to capture the essence of the days of Christmas past.”

Anyone interested in volunteering to assist with the display set up and tear down is asked to call the Chamber at 309-944-2686.

The window of Musical Memories in downtown Geneseo featured “The Nutcracker,” and was a popular stop for visitors on Christmas Walk night in Geneseo. (Submitted)
Zack Sullivan in his Christmas stocking cap at Geneseo’s Christmas Walk. Sullivan said, “The hat was a gift to me in 2019 and I wore it for the 2019 Walk which was a success, and I wore it again this year for the Walk, which was also a success, and I intend to wear it for all future Christmas Walks.”