Winners of Geneseo Christmas Walk essay contest

by Claudia Loucks correspondent

The 2020 Geneseo Christmas Walk was much more than a “walk,” and included a Youth Essay Contest open to kindergarteners through fifth graders.

In keeping with the this year’s Walk theme – “Christmas at the Movies,” children in kindergarten through second grade were asked to write about “My favorite Christmas movie character is…,” and youth in third through fifth grade were to write about “Which Christmas movie character is most inspiring and why?”

Grace Feely, a kindergarten student, and Cole Clifton, a fifth grader, submitted the winning essays chosen by the Christmas Walk committee. Both children are students at Millikin Elementary School. Each winner received a $25 Geneseo Chamber Gift Card and was invited to throw the switch to turn the lights on the Geneseo City Christmas Tree for the tree ceremony filming on Dec. 9. The ceremony was broadcast on TV50 on Dec. 11 and will run repeatedly through Christmas Day.

Essays were to be 300 words or less. The winning essays will remain on display in the window at Geneseo Home Furnishings, 134 South State St in downtown Geneseo throughout the holiday season.

Brian Hofer, principal at Southwest Elementary School in Geneseo, and a member of the 2020 Christmas Walk committee said, “2020 has been such a challenging year so it was great to see students get excited about Christmas and write about their favorite Christmas movie character. There were so many terrific essays submitted that the committee had a hard time choosing only one from each category.”

Grace Feeely – Kindergarten at Millikin School:

“My favorite character from a Christmas movie is Marve from Home Alone because he is silly, funny and crazy. In the movie he screams a lot and he makes funny faces.”

Cole Clifton – fifth grade at Millikin School

“The most inspiring Christmas movie character is Buddy the Elf because he is always trying to help people even if their a criminal. Also he compliments a lot of people just on their appearance, toys, and even their voice. He does some…pretty weird things too like eating old gum off old rusty railings…especially in New York City. YIKES! Buddy LOVES bugs, and I’m not joking, he once tried hugging a raccoon. Oooooh that will leave a mark! As I was saying Buddy is a very nice person who hates coffee but will say “Congrats you have the best cup of coffee in the world!” I hope Buddy doesn’t tackle a fake Santa drinking some coffee. Buddy’s way of eating is little weird too. Like eating a cotton ball from the doctor’s office and eating a bunch of sugar and candy on spaghetti noodles. Blegh!!! Buddy inspires me because he does a lot of nice things for other people, but the other people are not nice to him, so the moral of this story is to be nice to other people even though they are not nice to you.”

Grace Feely, a kindergartener, and Cole Clifton, a fifth grader, submitted the winning essays in the Geneseo Christmas Walk Youth Essay Contest and were invited to the tree ceremony filming for the Christmas Walk where they also were photographed with Santa Claus.