Galva Council approves levy, welcomes new officer

by Carol Townsend correspondent

The council unanimously passed the tax levy ordinance in the amount of $2.68 per $100 of assessed valuation. The total levy is $584,785.

In other business, James Robertson of the Galesburg area has been hired as a new Galva police officer. He replaces Ales Ingel who resigned recently to take a position in Geneseo.

Robertson has 15 years of experience in Knox County and is currently the part time police chief in Williamsfield. Robertson will continue with the position in Williamsfield. Mayor Rich Volkert said we are really lucky as he has a “good background.”

Mayor Volkert said that hopes he will remain in Galva as he has 8-10 years before he plans to retire.

Mayor Volkert also reported that the police department received $100 from the Irvin Winter memorial money and $1,600 from a recent benefit and with that money, Chief  Kraig Townsend is going to purchase “stop strips”. It was reported that there has been 3-4 chases heading to Galva with speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour in the past several months.  If one of these calls come in, the officer on duty can put these strips out to stop them before they come into town hopefully.

It was also reported that Kewanee Police Department offered Galva Police Department their used body cameras that are only 3 years old. Galva purchased them and each officer now has a body camera on him. These were purchased for $150 apiece and new they are $1,600 apiece.

Mayor Volkert said with the new police dog and body cameras, “We have a great investment.”

Mayor Volkert also reported,  a private citizen from the High Rise who does not want to be identified, was thanked as he saw an incident near the High Rise where our Chief of Police was knocked down. The person came to the rescue, called 911 and got mutual aid from multiple law enforcement agencies until the suspect was in custody. An employee from the water works was also thanked who also came to the scene to help.

Supervisor Richard Plummer reminded residents not to park on the streets when snow is predicted.

It was reported that an Ameren problem  caused the power behind the former Sherry’s Café location and caused the power  to surge and caused damage at the Southwest sewer plant. A new generator will be purchased and a claim will be turned into the insurance company. Torbert Electric of Nekoma made the repairs.

The following checks were received:

October/November Property replacement, $1,626; November MFT, $8,271; and October sales tax, $21,421.