Looking Back Galva

compiled by Lisa Samuelson

15 Years Ago

January 25, 2006

Gateway Co-op, in an effort to restructure for future profitability, released nine full time employees on January 20.

Five employees at Gateway’s Galva location, three at Altona and one at Kewanee were notified of their dismissals Friday, according to General Manager Rich Ruhl on Monday.

Galva native Beth (VanRaemdonk Epstein and her husband J.D. have given the University of Illinois monetary gifts which will create a professorship and fund research and program support in health care law and policy in the U of I College of Law.

Winning awards at the annual pinewood derby hosted by Cub Scouts Pack 14 in the FU White gym on Jan. 8 were Rhett Holt, best of show; Taylor Klein, first place; Mike Bersell, second place, and Jaimeson Aufderheilde third place.

25 Years Ago

January 24, 1996

Remodeling in the Galva Post Office is set to begin in February with the installation of new post office boxes, according to Galva Postmaster Jim Melvin, The exact date on which the work will begin has yet to be determined.

The State Bank of Toulon is buying the Galva branch of Norwest Bank of Illinois. The bank was known for many years as First National Bank of Galva.

The winter months have put a hold on renovations to Galva Christian Church, but when spring arrives, volunteers will continue the renovation project that began last May.

The Galva Arts Council has a new sign thanks to some Galva volunteers. The sign was hung on Saturday, Jan. 1 prior to the Coffeehouse. The original wood was donated by Galva Iron and Metal and was framed by Jerry Gibson. Students from the Galva High School art classes painted the sign.

50 Years Ago

January 28, 1971

Being a resident of the world’s largest hog producing area, you’ll be happy to know we have entered the “Happy Year of the Pig.”

A pause that refreshes is taken by a group of Galva High School boys as they play a quick game of cards in social study hall. The study hall, which was instituted earlier this year, gives students a break from study. If so desired and a chance to communicate with fellow students. The study hall is supervised but allows much more freedom than the conventional type.

Prize winners in the Pinewood Derby show off their cars and trophies after the race was over Monday night in Galva Armery. Webb Peterson’s car was winner of the race with Chuck Hofmann’s car won the prize for best appearance.

Steve Nelson of Galva will be a member of the cast on Saturday and Sunday when the Black Hawk East Drama Club presents “Theater Three”.

100 Years Ago

January 20, 1921

In a wrestling match Monday night at Camp Grove, Illinois, Swede Oberg, of this city, threw C. Nellinger in two falls out of three. Oberg won the first fall in two minutes. At the conclusion of the match Joe Rieberg, of Galesburg challenged the winner. The match will be staged at Camp Grove in a short time. Oberg is getting into shape for his bout with Tony Lauson, of Galva, scheduled early next month in the new sale pavilion in this city.

Again!! Late Sunday afternoon the drilling equipment being used to complete the new deep well under construction in this city broke down. The broken parts are now being repaired. It is expected that drilling operations will be resumed some time his week. “It’s awful” moaned Contractor Whitney, yesterday. But he didn’t say awful-no siree. He gave a short but vigorous essay on the land of heat.

The announcement was made today the R. B. Hoge has succeeded Fred Moore as a representative of the Standard Oil company in Galva. In the future all deliveries in this community will be made by Mr. Hoge. The change was made several days ago.

Word has been received by Galva friends that Wilbur Darling, formerly of this city, is to be one of the class of graduates on January 24 from the college of osteopathy in Kirksville, Missouri. Mr. Darling is well known in Galva and his many friends will be pleased to learn of his achievement.