Geneseo Council reviews progress on projects

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The Geneseo City Council met Tuesday night via teleconference.  All Council members were in attendance. 

Greg Ryckert, spoke regarding the existing capital projects that are ongoing.  The Geneseo Creek project is still in the informational stage, where they are gathering data to go forward.  The North East drainage project has had several pre-construction talks with Miller Construction.  The Ash Street Lift station is waiting on equipment to be delivered, which is expected in early February, and can begin once it is delivered.  The Cherry Street project is pending EPA permits. 

Zack Sullivan from the Chamber of Commerce gave a brief synopsis of the recent events in Geneseo, and how they have worked hard to make them Covid - compliant. The Chamber will be welcoming Caffeine and Carbs to the city in February, a coffee shop and bakery that will be located next to Great Revivalist Brew Labs.

Jamie Mathews, Finance Manager, stated that the city did better than expected, and the year finished strong in the General Fund. A $1.9 Million payment has gone out to pay the outstanding bond and towards the Police Pension. 

Jo Hollenkamp, City Administrator, estimated that Motor Fuel Tax for the coming fiscal year is estimated at $185,000.

Mayor Johnson noted that January is National Mentor Month, and gave credit to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program for the mentoring work they do. 

The motion to pay bills brought some discussion on the subject of tree removal at the cemeteries.  Two Brothers Tree Removal spent some time removing 17 large trees on behalf of the City.  Chad VanDeWoestyne, Public Works Director,  stated that these trees had been damaged during a storm in 2010, and were too large for the city crews to bring down themselves, as they do not have a large crane.  They should have finished this project, and should not need outside services for trees in the cemeteries unless a large storm comes through.

Motion was made to adjourn.

Geneseo City Hall