Geneseo Superintendent introduces Maple Leaf Medallion

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
Joe Nichols, left, athletic director at Geneseo High School, receives a Maple Leaf Medallion from Dr. Adam Brumbaugh, Geneseo Superintendent of Schools.
Dr. Adam Brumbaugh, Superintendent of Geneseo Schools, presents a Maple Leaf Medallion to Jaylee Brudos, a fifth grader in the Geneseo School District

When Dr. Adam Brumbaugh came to Geneseo to serve as Superintendent of Schools, he introduced the Maple Leaf Medallion.

Brumbaugh said, “The Maple Leaf Medallion is awarded to deserving individuals, both students and staff, who demonstrate ‘Teach-Learn-Care’ of the highest order in the classroom, on the court, or in the community.”

He plans to award so many medallions each year, although that was not possible this year in the midst of the guidelines in place as a result of the pandemic.

“We awarded approximately 80 medallions in 2020, and hope to award 120 in 2021, he said.

Community members also are eligible for the award and Brumbaugh said he will seek help with nominations from students, staff, and administrators, but they also can be spontaneous and I should always have one with me, just in case.”

Nominations forms are available at the Geneseo School District website, or by contacting the superintendent’s secretary, Jill Hamer, at the District Unit Office, 309-945-0450.

When I first learned about the Maple Leaf Medallion and asked the superintendent about it, he said, “If you’ve ever in the military or worked for the Defense Department, you know what a challenge coin is. They’ve been an American military tradition for a century, meant to instill unit pride, improve esprit de corps and reward hard work and excellence.”

“The coins represent anything from a small unit to the offices of top leaders, such as Defense Secretary,” he said. “There are also coins made for special events, anniversaries and even nonmilitary leaders. Many service members and veterans proudly display challenge coins at their desks or homes, showing off the many missions they've been on, the top leaders they’ve met and the units for which they’ve worked.”