Geneseo schools to add Administrative Coach

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Geneseo School Board met Thursday January 14, after 10 successful days of hybrid classes.  In that time, only 6 students have tested positive, with no staff testing positive.  The metrics are the best since October.  Should the metrics continue their downward trend, it may be possible to add an extra day to the schedule, or extend the school day. 

The creation of a new position is being considered by the District.  The position of an Administrative Coach for academic and instruction would support teachers and the leadership team.  The administration has found that during the pandemic, more staff has interacted, finding new and different ways to approach challenges.  This position would meet with staff and leadership to get ideas and potential implementation of them that lack of time in ordinary school weeks prohibit. Dr. Brumbaugh hopes to have a candidate to introduce to the board by the February 11th meeting.  The motion was made to move forward.  

Also brought up in the meeting was the fact that more money may be available to the District in the second round COVID bill.  Superintendent Brumbaugh cautioned that he would believe the estimated figures when he saw them. 

School nurses are being vaccinated in accordance with Tier 1a.  The District employs five nurses.  The School District is also in need of bus drivers.   

Tier 2 mitigations are scheduled to be implemented per the Governor's directive On January 15.  The Superintendent stated that the change from 3 to 2 did not impact the District much, but it showed things are moving in the right direction. 

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