Galva Council looks at upcoming projects

by Carol Townsend correspondent

Mayor Rich Volkert began the meeting by stating that three former city employees had passed away in the last several months, Irvin Winter, John Simmons and Sherm Raley.

Mayor Volkert reported from the water department that there had been a large  water main leak on the East side of the High Rise.

The city worked 4-5 days as the pipes were in bad shape. The hydrant still needs to be replaced.

Mayor Volkert reported that the police reform bill has passed and body cameras will be mandatory by 2025. Galva has purchased some used ones so will be in compliance.  Elisa Nelson, the city attorney said she is keeping up on  the updates and will send out memos.

The 5 ton limit signs are working on Market and Front Street but will need to be replaced with different wording as Steven Love with his seed business could not get a delivery made on Market Street with the sign wording. The signs had to be taken down. The new signs will read that it is a 5 ton street except for trucks making deliveries.

The semi’s are not able to turn North at the corner near the Grace Methodist Church  SE 1st Avenue and SE 2nd Street, so IDOT has agreed to let the city take out the triangle in the intersection.

The following checks were received:

November cannabis tax, $124.38; November gaming tax, $2,277; October telecommunications tax, $2,349; November income tax, $17,229; October state use tax, $9,775; December personal property replacement tax, $7,734; December income tax, $27, 450;  November telecommunications tax, $2,396 and December video gaming tax, $1,072.

Mayor Volkert announced city engineer, Greg Peterson will have the 2021 street program ready for the February council meeting.

Mayor Volkert reported that Galva residents need to check with the Henry-Stark County county vaccine clinics that are held at Black Hawk College as at this time, there are no clinics planned to be held in Galva.

City administrator David Dyer said that revenue is up in Galva last month, $98,000 from last year $105,00 up this month.