Galva ice rink open

by Carol Townsend correspondent
A group of kids enjoy the weather on Galva's ice rink

The ice skating rink in Galva’s Wiley Park  is ready for skaters and has had some improvements made this year.

A group of kids were enjoying the rink at the end of last week one afternoon.

Neighbor Mike Yepson who does a lot of work on the rink said that last summer, he had the rink tiled to help with draining the water in the off season around rink.

He said that the rink should drain better in the off season and not have water standing on it.

He said he used some of his late wife Julie Yepson’s memorial money for the project.

Also he said Julie had saved ice skates in their basement and now they are in the lockers near the rink and there are children’s  and adult size skates for anyone to use that wishes to skate.

Yepson said Tuesday morning that Erik Olson of rural Galva done the tiling for the rink.

Yepson said that several area men, Scott Carvello, David Trigg, Patrick Sloan and Tyler Glaser all help with the rink.

“It takes a group to keep it going.” noted Yepson.

Yepson said that “Many memories have been made at the rink and a lot more will be made.”

The Kiwanis Club of Galva will be serving refreshment of hot chocolate and snacks at the rink on Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m.  with weather permitting, to encourage everyone to come and try out the rink.