Geneseo Council ok's cell tower sale, lease of lot

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The Geneseo City Council approved the sale of a cell tower owned by the city at Tuesday night January 26th's meeting.  The City was offered $200,000 for the tower, and the sale was unanimously approved.  The Council will vote on the terms of the  sale at the February 8 meeting. The funds will go to bolster the City's reserves. 

A surplus area of the City parking lot was agreed to be leased to the Geneseo Brewing Co. who intends to add a semi-permanent structure for outdoor dining.  The proprietors were on hand to answer questions, and showed preliminary drawings of the structure they would like to put up.  The structure would allow for access to the sewer, gas and water lines that run underneath. 

Outdoor dining in Geneseo was successful last year in response to the pandemic mitigations, and expansion on that is being looked at for warmer weather. The Central Bank parking lot was again brought up, and it was stated that some exciting things were proposed for that space in the coming months. 

The Mayor stated that Geneseo needs to compete with locations like LeClaire, IA, and Galena, so anything that can be done to make the area more inviting should be looked at. Closing a portion of State Street was also mentioned. 

Councilman Bob Wachtel commented that he'd been advised of a compliment to the City regarding one of the employees in the Water Department. "Kudos for the girl at the water department.  She called because they had noticed the water usage was more than normal.  The homeowner had things checked out and discovered that a part in the water softener had broken, and water was leaking from a pipe.  Good people do their jobs, and actually notice things!'

In that same vein, Councilman Keith Kennett had compliments for the City crews and their efficient snow removal from the previous night's storm.

Councilman Craig Arnold had some commentary to make early in the meeting regarding pushback he was receiving from constituents over the levy.  People are asking him what the plan was to keep the City from future increases of this kind.  Mayor Johnson stated that he and the Finance Manager, and the City Administrator were working on project using historic financial information to calculate where the City may find itself financially in the future.  He and Jo Hollenkamp and Jamie Matthews hope to have some preliminary results for the Council soon. 

A recommendation to replace a 20 year old engine panel for the Unit #8 generator at the electric plant was made.  The replacement cost of $119,750 was approved by the Council.  This upgrade was a budgeted capital project. 

A review of the costs of the Richmond Hill Park project was done.  The total amount of the project was within $150 of total budgeted, excluding the initial $51,000 for the preliminary engineering study.  Donor plaques still remain to be ordered and installed. The official ribbon cutting for the Park is scheduled for May 8. 

Geneseo City Hall