Henry County Vaccine plan

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The Henry Stark Health Department would like the residents of the County to know that they anticipate getting vaccines to residents as fast as supplies become available to them.  At this time, the State of Illinois has chosen to only distribute vaccines through the Health Department in the County. 

At this time, all Tier 1a, healthcare workers and long term residents and staff, in Henry County, that want to, have had two doses of the vaccine.  They are currently working thru the first group of Tier 1b candidates.  That group consists of frontline essential workers, and those 65 and older, especially those with underlying complications.  According to Mark Kuhn, of Hammond- Henry Hospital, that group numbers around 30,000 in Henry County. 

The first online scheduled vaccine registrations were announced Monday January  25th, and within 50 minutes, all 1200 slots were filled for appointments.   Residents wishing to be vaccinated are urged to watch the Health Department website for information regarding additional appointments. 

An additional 600 doses are scheduled to be supplied to Henry County and distributed through the Health Department resources.  Online appointments will begin February 8 at 9 AM, and continue until those slots are filled.

At this time, several Hy-Vee pharmacy locations in Moline, Milan, Rock Island and Silvis, are taking appointments online for Tier 1b vaccines. Register at https://www.hy-vee.com/my-pharmacy/covid-vaccine-consent 

Walgreens in Moline at Avenue of the Cities is also taking online appointments. That information can be found at the Walgreens website, or through coronavirus.illinois.gov.

Until greater quantities of vaccine are allocated to Henry County, residents are urged to be patient, and in time anyone who cares for a vaccine will be able to obtain one.