Galva School Board vote on improvements

by Carol Townsend correspondent

The board voted to accept the bid from East Moline Glass of $266,350 to replace all of the windows at the Elementary School.

The board also approved to install Cellular motion detectors that will notify someone  if there is an intruder in the  building. The tort fund will pay for this project. Superintendent Doug O’Riley said if the district had these, the intruder last week would have been caught.

He said the money to pay for this would come from the tort fund. He said they did not have a quote yet on the project.

The board approved a two year contract with ROWVA and Williamsfield for football under similar contractual arrangements.

The board also approved for a nine person committee to study and discuss co-oping all sports with Williamsfield and ROWVA.  Superintendent O’Riley said Tuesday morning that this could take up to a year and they could decide on all of just a few sports to co-op.

Superintendent Doug O’Riley reported that the district employees that choose to get the COVID vaccine will be due next week to get their second dose. O’Riley said they have not received the date yet from the Henry-Stark County Health Department on when they will get the vaccine.

The curriculum committee had met and the Galva district hopes to be back in school by March 16th for a 5 hour day. O’Riley said that time has not been determined yet.

The main concern is lunch and students not wearing masks during that time. They discussed using tents but it would only increase the instruction time by 25 minutes per day.

The staff would have had they second vaccine and increasing to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, the Galva district would be meeting state guidelines and providing maximum instruction. Lunch would then be sent home with the students.

O’Riley said that the times for the day has not been set yet. He said school could begin at 7:45 to 12:45. It will be announced closer to the date.

Matthew Jones was approved as a volunteer bowling coach for the 2021 school year. This is to coach a student that is participating in state bowling competition.