CIC Your Digital Print Center LLC continues to add services

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
Catherine (Cat) White stands in front of Ellie’s Coffee Café, just one of the many offerings at CIC Your Digital Print Center, LLC on Hwy 6 East in Geneseo.

CIC Your Digital Print Center, LLC opened its doors in 2019 and continues to expand its offerings.

Owner and proprietor Catherine (Cat) White describes her business as a woman-owned small business and certified for government contracting – a hybrid company with many services under one roof.

When asked what the “CIC” stands for, White replied, “Cat Is Clever!”

She opened the doors to CIC Your Digital Print Center, LLC in 2019 as a print center with digital printing, bindery services, faxing, laminating and then adding AV services and shredding.

Inside, clients also will find “Ellie’s Coffee Café,” which features coffee, tea, energy and healthy drinks.

“Pastries are coming, including Vegan, Gluten-free and Keto,” White said.

She shared that the biggest hurdle she had to overcome in her business “is the Covid-19 virus,” she said. “Every time we have tried to go forward, we were stopped in our tracks. We have received some help, but mostly we are too small or didn’t lose enough. We try hard to keep our costs down.”

Another hurdle for the business owner was finding a location and redoing it, she said. “It took a lot of planning and time to get all the details just right and finalized. Business is slowly increasing and more people are finding us. It is great to see old friends and meet new ones.”

The coffee bar is a result of one of White’s clients many years ago, she said…”She was waiting for some printing to be done and said, ‘you need a latte machine here for people who are waiting.; When I was putting my plan together I decided to name it after my friend of 46 years, Ellie Sponsel. She was head of the Cambridge Library for 36 years and was one of those silent angels. If she saw a need, she took care of it. Ellie loved her coffee black and straight up.”

“God has provided so much – the right people and jobs at the right time,” she said. “Support from family, friends and other businesses sustains me, especially when we hit one of those bumps in the road.”

“Packages Here” soon will be opening which White describes as “a safety zone for packages…I have to get the area for this finished and secure.”

“Packages Here” stems from the idea of White hearing about people having their packages stolen off of their porches, “so I thought I could offer a service where we can be a safety zone for packages needing to be picked up or delivered. I won’t offer packaging services, but will make sure shipping labels and return labels if needed.”

She said she first has to finish the area and make it secure before opening more options…”Once it is safer to meet and have events, we will offer coloring night, scrapbooking and card making night in our front area,” she said. “Phone classes and other fun events and services also will be added.”

“Because of requests, I recently opened Audio/Visual services,” White said. “People always want to change their slides/film to a digital version. With technology we are happy that we can provide that service locally.”

CIC also offers shredding for businesses as well as personal papers. “We offer to dispose of the shredded files for clients or they can take it with them.”

“I want to help other small businesses grow, and marketing ideas are free, all other services have a charge, as I have to pay the bills,” she said and smiled.

The business owner has previous experience as she was a partner in Creative Images Center, Inc., in Geneseo, for more than 23 years. She has had her own fine arts business, ‘Cat’s Designs,’ for over 50 years doing murals, storytelling, displays and art projects.

White said her new business is a result of her partners in Creative Images choosing “to go in different directions with their lives. I love what I do, I have ideas and I don’t believe in retirement.”

“I firmly God has plans for all of us. God has put all of us here to help each other and give each other a hand. There have been many people through the years who have helped me.”

Her advices, “Seek solutions, be kind, be positive and thank God for each day…That is what my business is about. I started small in the foyer while the building was being renovated, and the bumps in the road have been many and with the virus, I call a sinkhole. The business has had to pivot many times, adding services like shredding, the AV unit plus dealing with supply delivery, staff shortage; and always remembering I am not in this alone. There are many small businesses facing the same issues. Sometimes I feel like I am in a Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball comedy.”

White also cited “taxes and overhead” as “killers for small businesses. The Covid-19 was so unexpected for everyone and how it has affected all small businesses and people. This business would not still be here if it wasn’t for God, my family, friends, the community and other small businesses.”

The Center also features Marti Anderson’s handmade cards, Sheilah Wigant-McGee’s Ornamental Stone Sculpture and Avis Kutzman’s Canvas Printed Photography.

“After the Covid-19, there will be pop-ups for people with their homemade products,” White said.

“The people that work here are amazing. They are learning the job and being productive. We are trying to keep ourselves safe and our customers’ safe…Mask Up.”

White said she hopes to employ “at least 25 people once the pandemic is under control…”I do work long hours, but that is what it takes being in business.”

CIC Your Digital Print Center, LLC at 465 U.S. Hwy. 6 East, Suite 3, Geneseo, between Goodwill and Napa. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment by calling 309-944-6285. CIC face book page – CIC Your Digital Print Center, LLC.