Geneseo kids to return to classrooms 4 days

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Geneseo kids will be in classrooms beginning March 8, the first day of the fourth quarter.  

The Geneseo School Board met Thursday February 18 for a special meeting to determine the look for the last quarter of a school year already full of small victories and many disappointments. The plan will have kids in person schooling Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the remainder of the school year, metrics allowing.  The school day will begin at it's normal time, and go until a 2 PM dismissal.  100% remote learning will occur on Wednesdays.  The District still has 18% of it's students in full remote learning. 

A small group of parents were on hand to hear the Board's decision when they returned from Special Session. 

Superintendent Adam Brumbaugh cautioned, "We need the community to help - try to not spread the virus, keep kids out of high risk environments"  He further underscored the mission, "We are trying to balance getting as many back in school, as safely and as quickly as we can."

Adam Brumbaugh