Consolidated election set for April 6

by Mindy Carls correspondent

Henry County voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, April 6, for the consolidated election.

The city of Galva has two contested races for four-year terms as aldermen. Candidates in Ward 2 are James Hartman, People’s Party, and John Wirth, independent. In Ward 3, they are People’s Party candidate M. Douglas Anderson and independent David Trigg.

Five candidates are competing for four trustee openings in Geneseo Township. Seeking four-year terms are Republicans John Dwyer, Mark Burton, Derek Betcher and Dave Ernst and independent Marvin Gradert.

Contested road commissioner races are Richard Kleinau and Kyle Miller in Osco Township and Andrew Mapes and Dale “Sarge” Stiles in Cambridge Township. Winners will serve four years.

Voters in the Galva Park District will choose between Kathryn Laurin and Patrick Sloan for one six-year term as commissioner.

Geneseo school district voters will choose four board members from among Keith Buenning, Kane Causemaker and incumbents James Ash, Heather DeBrock, Barry Snodgrass and Karen Urick for four-year terms.

Under Orion school board, three candidates are listed for three four-year seats but only two will be elected. That’s because the district was set up with a maximum of three from any one township.

Karl Kane of Orion is a Western Township resident serving on the board until April 2025. Heather Carlson-Hoftender and incumbents Brandon Cooper and Aaron Kayser are all from Western Township.

Voters can cast ballots for all three candidates. The top two vote-getters will take seats on the board, which will need to fill a vacancy.

Four candidates are seeking three six-year terms on the Black Hawk College board of trustees. They are Fritz Larsen, Robert Haak, Kimberly Stevens and Jeffrey Swan.

Below are candidates running without opposition. Unless otherwise noted, they are independents running for four-year terms.

Village, city candidates

Andover (all People’s Party) — President, Mike Mielke. Clerk, Beverly Josephson. Trustees, Elma Gay, Jennifer Hirsch, Valli Putnam.

Bishop Hill (all People’s Party) — President, Michael Funke. Clerk, Terri Wigant. Trustees, Eleanore Larson, Benjamin Strand.

Cambridge (all People’s Party) — President, Jason Beam. Trustees, Amanda Johnson, Karen Brandau, Shawn Stiles.

Galva (both People’s Party) — Alderman, Ward 1, Jayme Hopping. Ward 3, unexpired two-year term, Jacqueline Clucas.

Geneseo (all two-year terms) — Alderman, Ward 1, Paula Simosky. Ward 2, Robert James. Ward 3, Martin Rothschild. Ward 4, Douglas Crow.

Orion — President, James Cooper. Clerk, Lori Sampson. Trustees, Neal Nelson, Bob Mitton, Ryan Hancock. Trustee, unexpired two-year term, Mike Dunlap.

School candidates

Cambridge — Board member, Cambridge Township, Kim Moriarity, Chad Humphrey. Board member, any other township, Culley Medley.

Galva — Board member, unexpired two-year term, Galva Township, Brittany Boston, Eric Bates. Board members, other townships, Andrew Larson, Kaleena Conrad, Laura Burke.

Regional Board of Education, Bureau, Henry and Stark counties — Trustee, six-year terms, Douglas Swanson and Bruce Dennison. Trustee, unexpired four-year term, Teresa Macy.

Township candidates

Andover — Supervisor, Eugene Stromquist. Clerk, Joy Gradert. Road commissioner, Mark Carlson. Trustees, Steve Gustafson, Alan Teerlinck, Jared Brewer, Tyler Horberg.

Atkinson — Supervisor, Raymond Elliott. Clerk, Robert Murphy. Road commissioner, Randy Rahn. Trustees, Keith Carton, Daniel DeSmith, David Vandevelde, Keith Causemaker.

Burns — Supervisor, John Cauwels. Clerk, Judy Boelens. Road commissioner, Shawn Strand. Trustees, James Godke, Cindy Conrad.

Cambridge (all Republicans) — Supervisor, David Dobbels. Clerk, Cheri Vincent. Assessor, Latricia Burgeson. Trustees, Joan Ehnle, Gary Wager, Suzanne Franck, Glenn Maertens. Community Hall trustee, Al Steider, John Roehrs, Don Hulin.

Cornwall — Supervisor, Justin Frank. Clerk, Ted Carton. Road commissioner, Andy Carton. Trustees, Martin Dynes, Joseph Holevoet, Aaron Stach, Darren Hutchinson.

Edford — Supervisor, Joel Werling. Clerk, J. Aaron Raschke. Road commissioner, Lewis Opsal. Trustees, Todd Verheekce, Peter Johnson, Steven Doy.

Galva (all Republicans) — Supervisor, David McClintic. Clerk, Larry Cheline. Road commissioner, Ron Werkheiser. Trustees, James Huffman, Francis Maertens, John VanDeVelde, Mike Wexell.

Geneseo — Supervisor, Mark Breeden. Clerk, Mark Anderson, Republican. Road commissioner, Dean Springer, Republican. Assessor, Jamie Cotty, Republican.

Hanna — Supervisor, Steven Woodward. Clerk, Charles Buyck. Road commissioner, Carles Brown. Trustees, Dennis Sullivan, Robert Gramling, James Thompson, Kevin Rahn.

Loraine — Supervisor, Ted Blean. Clerk, Kevin Urick. Road commissioner, Joseph Zokal. Trustees, Timothy Anderson, Deric Olson, Steve Vandike, Kurt Wirth.

Lynn — Supervisor, Ted Wink. Clerk, Doug Nelson. Road commissioner, Leroy Mabeus. Trustees, Bob DeBaillie, David Doy, Mark Seabloom, Steve Trego.

Munson — Supervisor, Donald Detloff. Clerk, Wayne Anderson. Road commissioner, John Johnson. Trustees, Brian Humphries, Gib Cady, Jerry Snodgrass, Robert Steele.

Osco — Supervisor, Jon Chamberlain. Clerk, David Westerlund. Trustees, Allen Haars, Dan Maeltzer, Richard Lund, William Collis.

Phenix (all Republicans) — Supervisor, John Kemmis. Clerk, Jan Weber. Road commissioner, Steven Weber. Trustees, Leslie Strole, Jackie Brooks, James “Mike” Lively, Jill Darin.

Weller — Supervisor, Mark Nordstrom. Clerk, Charlene Kaiser. Road commissioner, Shawn Wood. Trustees, Richard Deschepper, Dennis Stonberg, Warren Schulz, Donald Rogers.

Western — Supervisor, Jeff Dahl. Clerk, Chriss Smith. Road commissioner, Lucas Pobanz. Trustees, Marc Westerlund, Duane Abrahamson, Andy Haars, Sue DeDecker.

Other offices

Multi-Township Assessor, Alba, Cornwall, Loraine, Yorktown — Kevin Urick.

Multi-Township Assessor, Munson, Edford and Osco — Jan Hartsock.

Geneseo Park District — Commissioners, Douglas Bodeen, Nathan Vorac, Bethany Winkleman. Commissioner, unexpired two-year term, Julia McAvoy.

Atkinson Public Library — Trustees, six-year terms, Sherri Mapes, Linda DeSmith.

Cambridge Public Library — Trustees, six-year terms, Jennifer Johnson, Christy Aniol, Kathy Borg.

Galva Public Library — Trustees, six-year terms, Linda VanDeVelde, Cheryl Anderson. Trustee, unexpired four-year term, Patricia Emmerson.

Geneseo Public Library — Trustee, six-year term, Ray Rogers.

Western District Library — Trustees, six-year terms, Kathleen Parrish, Beth Hoffman.

Carl Sandburg College — Trustees, six-year terms, Tom Colclasure, Bruce Lauerman, Devone Eurales.

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