Looking Back Orion

compiled by Lisa Samuelson

15 Years Ago

March 30, 2006

Orion Food Pride owner Jerry Shawgo is the last winner of the Keith L Payne Citizen of the Year Award from the Orion Area Chamber of Commerce. The award was bestowed at the annual meeting on Monday, March 27, at Woo Dog’s Pub and Grub. About two dozen people were there.

Shirley Carney is the current librarian of Western District Library, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary as a tax supported institution with an open house on Sunday afternoon, April 2.

Orion Middle School celebrated National Pi Day on Thursday, March 14, by challenging students to recite as many digits of pi as possible. They are eighth grader Jill Bergstrand, 15 digits; of pi as possible. Seventh grader Nick Newman, 93; seventh graders Dillon Johnson, 85; and eighth grader Amelia Martens, 81. The prize was a real pie to eat with a friend.

Kaitlyn Grymonprez of rural Andover won the District 1 beef production entrepreneurship on Wednesday, March 8, at Kewanee High School. Orion FFA placed first in the Section 3 agricultural business management contest on Tuesday, March 21, at Black Hawk College, East Campus. Team members were James Saner, Hannah Williams, Nicole McHugh, Rebecca Williams, Kassi Heald-Schmeizer, Alex Samuelson, Jacob Hunter, Megan Seys and Tyler Patton.

25 Years Ago

March 28, 1996

Senior agriculture Dean Lievens of Osco, a member of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity was recently named Interfraternity Council student leader of the year at Western Illinois University (WIU) Macomb. He was also named Alpha Tau Chapter President, of the year.

Orion Middle School faculty chose Students of the Week seventh grader Jacque Jackson, eighth grader Kelly Curtis, and sixth grade Jacinda Mueting.

Orion Middle School sixth grade teachers all wore denim on Twin Day, Friday, March 22. They are Steve Chelstrom, science; Susan Bugos, English, Doris Holliday, reading; Michele Funke, math and Jen Rehder, social studies,. Student Council sponsored the special day.

Team members of the Orion basketball squad were honored at the winter sports banquet, Tuesday, March 19. Chargers receiving awards were Tim Shields, Mark Gannon, John Barnes, Shaun Gruszeczka, Rob Emmert and Ryan Jones.

50 Years Ago

March 25, 1971

Mr. and Mrs. Lane Peterson of Crane Lake, Minnesota spent the weekend in the home of his mother, Mrs. Martha Peterson.

G. E. Coulter and Wyman Coulter attended the Illinois Mutual Insurance Association meeting in Monmouth last Thursday.

St. Paul’s LCW members who visited Hillcrest Nursing Home Tuesday morning were Mrs. Carl Kunert, Mrs. Otto Anderson, Miss Ruth Johnson, Miss Marion Swanson and Mrs. Edna Friedstrom. Members assisted with handcraft and visited among the residents.

Mrs. Ann Sievers and Martin Fuelling were in charge of the afternoons program and Mrs. Mildred Tornes, Mrs. Shirley Mass and Mrs. Ann Collier assisted with the serving of the pot luck meal and the other afternoon events.

100 Years Ago

March 10, 1921

Orion’s splendid new $25,000 opera house will be formally opened on Saturday evening, April 2, and for the opening number the management has contracted from a company in keeping with the splendid building.

The first garden plowing of the season was seen in Orion last Tuesday.

A program and necktie social will be given at the Wright school Friday, March 18, Myra Wood teacher.

Try the Orion shoe shop for a pair of work shoes, men’s dress and comfort shoes just in. Shoe repairing soles sewed on, then dyeing, also laces and polishes for sale. The best of everything at reasonable prices. B. McDaniel.

Old photos of Register-Guard pressmen from the past fill a bulletin board in the newspaper's pressroom at SummerOaks Center on Chad Drive in Eugene.