Property transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Real estate transfers from the Sandusky County Auditor's office

Freedom Mortgage Corporation whose mailing address is PO Box 489, Mont Laurel, NJ 08054 to James Frankouski, whose address is Geneseo, described real estate in Henry County, Lot 6 of Lohman’s Subdivision No. 2 a subdivision of Lots 1 and 6 of Block 11 of a subdivision of out lots 5 and 6 of J. T. Pierce’s addition to Geneseo being in the Southeast Quarter of Section 21, Township 17 North Range 3 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian situated in the County of Henry in the State of Illinois. $85,000.

William D. Vandersnick of the county of Henry, state of Illinois to John and Agnes Cramer and Patricia Cramer, as joint tenants: Lot eleven (11) in Block number four (4) of W. H. Lyle’s second addition to the city of Kewanee, situated in Henry County, Illinois. $33,000.

Vincent M. Newton to Breanon L. Gramling and Marley R. Gramling Lot 63 of D & H Subdivision No. 3 a subdivision of a party of Section 20, Township 17 North Range, 3 East of the fourth (4) Principal Meridian, situated in the city of Geneseo of Henry County $180,000.

Linda DeLeon of the county of Will, state of Illinois to Araceli Ochoo, beginning sixteen (16) feet north of the Northwest corner of Lot Number nineteen (!9) of Cutter’s Subdivision of Lots Eight (8), Thirteen (13) and Fourteen (14), in Elliot’s addition and Lots Eighteen (18), Nineteen (19), Twenty (20), Twenty-one (21), Twenty-two (22), Twenty-three (23) and part of Lot Seventeen (17), in Block Eleven (11) of Tenny’s addition, all in the city of Kewanee, IL. $30,500.00.

Jason Maas and Vicki L. Fleiner of Alberta, Canada and State of Illinois to Tina Landsiedel, Clark County of State of Illinois. Fifty (50) feet of uniform width off of the east side of the following tract of land, to wit: Commencing at a point on hundred fifty-six (156) feet west of the Southern East corner of Block Three (3) of Turner’s addition to the town, new city of Geneseo running thence West to Southwest corner of said Block Three (3) thence North to a point Thirty-two feet southwest corner of Block Three (3) thense North to a point Thirty-two (32) feet Southwest corner of Block Three, thence East to a point one hundred fifty-six (156) feet West of the east line of said Block Three (3). $84, 500.

Colleen Baldock, James Baldock, and Matthew Baldock of the county of Contra Costa, state of California to Barbara Dornfield, County of Henry, State of Illinois, A part of the North hald of the Southwest quarter of Section five (5), Township Eighteen (18) North range 3 East of the Fourth principal Meridan, Henry County, Illinois $49,000.

Elizabeth Rebecca N Elgin, Illinois to Ethan H. Hultman, Lot 3 in Block 29 in the original town now Village of Atkinson in Henry County, IL $65,000.

Oscar Jack Richardson, Colona, Illinois, to Chad Allen Rogers Lot F of the Subdivision of the West Part of Block one (1) of Reese Gardens and of the South Parts of Lots Three (3), Four (4), Five (5), Six (6) and Seven (7) of a subdivision of a part of the Northeast Quarter of Section ten (10) Township Seventeen (17) North range, east of the fourth Principal Meridian, Henry County, Illinois. $100,000.

Axion Holdings LLC an Illinois Limited Liability Company to Ridge Greensman of the city of Andover. The West one hundred thirty-five (135) feet of Lot 85 in the Village of Andover, commonly know as 115th St., Andover. $89,500.00

Adam S. Kinney to Elna Bautists and Maria Wells, 23577 N High St, Colona. $150,00.

Jeffrey L and Dawn L. Matthews to Robert and Sara Krips Lot twenty-nine (29) of County Manor, Colona $150,00.

Robert Gerard, City of Chandler, Arizona, James Gerard, Kewanee, Illinois, Dan Gerard, Kewanee, Carol Ray, Abingdon, IL, Gayle Corlett, Henderson, Kentucky, Greg Moore of Mesquite, Neveda and Victor Moore of Erie, Illinois. To Michelle Aman, 723 W 6th St. Kewanee, Lot Two (2) in block one (1) of Hoffrichter’s addition to the city of Kewanee. $159,000.

Nicole M. Brockett to Jolene and Christophe Brockett, Wilson’s addition to the Village of Alpha, 212 North Scandia, Alpha $87,000.

Jacob and Sara Osborn, Geneseo, to Kristen Fuller and Mary Fuller in Country Estates. $31,900.

McCallum Real Estate to LLC Series I. 336 E. Ogden Ave, Geneseo $4$43,000.

Mike and Carol of the City of Davenport, Iowa to Adam Short Lot 16 of Hazelwood Fourth Addition of Geneseo. $194,000.

Christopher and Heather Grams, Geneseo to Seth M. Rusk of 415 E. Chestnut St Geneseo, 716 S. State Street, Geneseo. $140,00

Vincent Miles, Kewanee to Jebadiah T. Ralston to Chad Kelly, Kewanee 605 S Tremont, Kewanee, IL. $40,000.

Seth and Jessica Rusk to Thomas and Linda Carr, 415 E. Chestnut St., Geneseo, IL $102,000.

Sara Romine, aka Sara Clifton and Nic Romaine, Davenport, Iowa to Brendan and Lexi Kuhn, Colona, 332 Briargate Dr, Colona, IL. $189,000.

Andrew W. Koeher and Adam Koehler Garrett, Kewanee to Kewanee Community School, 219 S. Walnut St, Kewanee. $6,000.

Gregory R. DeKeyser and Jill A of Kewanee to Patrick Kolata 201 S. Chestnut St, Kewanee.

Wilimgton Savings and Trust to Miguel Garcia All lot of Ten (10) and the West half of Eleven (11) in Block Two (2) of Russel’s addition to the town , now Village of Woodhull, IL. $7