Geneseo School Board encourages remote students to return in 4th quarter

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
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The Geneseo School Board met Thursday March 11th.  

Superintendent Adam Brumbaugh started the meeting out with positive remarks regarding the 4 day a week model that the District is currently using, since the beginning of the 4th quarter.  Teachers and staff have been given their 2nd dose of vaccine, and attendance is steady.  At this time 285 students are still all remote.  The District is encouraging those families to begin to move their kids back into the classroom during the remaining school year.  The all remote option that is currently there for those families will no longer be available in the fall, given the trends they are currently seeing. 

High school athletics are up and running.  Basketball has done well, and will be winding up.  Volleyball and Football seasons will start shortly.  At this time, the intention is to allow families before fans, up to the 20% figure that is in line with the Governor's rules. 

Summer School will be available for students needing additional help before advancing grades in the fall.  The plan is for a 5 day a week schedule with classes from 8 - 11 AM daily.  Summer school will run from June 1 to July 1, for a total of 20 days of extended instruction.  This will be encompassing grades K to 8. 

The Board also voted to earmark excess sales  tax to go towards the planned new vocational building for the next three years. They estimate  approximately $200,000 per year will be added to the growing funds. At this time, nearly $1.9M have been put toward this project. 

The Board also briefly discussed and voted not to hire Boyd Jones as the Construction Manager on the project at this time.  The Vocational Committee will be meeting again this month to further the plans for the proposed 10,000 square foot vocational facility. The proposed space will more than double the existing space used for welding, woodworking and auto mechanics at the High School level.