Officer Jamie Shoemaker, newest officer for Geneseo Police Department

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
Officer Jamie Shoemaker joined the Geneseo Police Department on Monday, March 8, which is also Women’s International Day.

Jamie Shoemaker became an officer with the Geneseo Police Force on Monday, March 8, International Women’s Day, , and currently is the only woman officer in the department.

“International Women’s Day was my start date and my hire date,” Officer Shoemaker said. “I think it’s amazing how far women have come. I love being a female officer. I truly believe we need women in this field. It brings a different perspective and from my six years experience, I have found that sometimes people prefer talking to a woman.”

She is a Phase 3 trained hostage negotiator and has used that training in the field a couple of times with suicidal situations and domestic situations, she said…”As cliché as it sounds, I got into this field because I wanted to make a difference in my every day career.”

Officer Shoemaker said she has wanted to be in law enforcement ever since she was a little girl, “so to literally have my dream job makes me feel really blessed.”

Geneseo Police Chief Casey Disterhoft introduced Shoemaker at a recent Geneseo City Council meeting and explained she is a lateral transfer that comes to the Geneseo Police Department after six years of experience at the Rock Island county Sheriff’s Department.

Shoemaker said she left Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department “because of a couple of policy changes that affected my family. My son (19-year-old Austin, who plays golf on the Black Hawk College team) and my family are my whole world.”

She has a significant other, Jessie Montez, a graduate of Geneseo High School who also works in law enforcement.

Officer Shoemaker graduated from United Township High School, studied criminal justice at Kaplan University and received her personal training certificate through Black Hawk College and is certified through NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers) for personal training and Sports Nutrition.

“In my off time I enjoy working out and am currently training for a fitness competition in April,” she said. ‘I believe workout and eating healthy will only help me to do this job longer.”

“I am so blessed Geneseo picked me and I am looking forward to working with this community,” she said.

Geneseo Chief Disterhoft said, “I’m excited to have Officer Shoemaker as part of the professional team that serves the citizens of Geneseo. Officer Shoemaker is going to be a great addition. I have faith in her abilities to perform as a police officer for this community and look forward to watching her grow professionally and personally with the community and the City work force.”

“It is a great thing when we can diversify at any level of the City work force and I see a void is filled with having Officer Shoemaker in the Patrol Officer position,” he said. “Without a doubt, we aim to hire the best qualified candidate for the job and we got the best by hiring Officer Shoemaker through the last application process.”