Galva School Board hears about COVID grant, plans for 5 day schedule

by Carol Townsend correspondent

The Galva School board heard about an Esser II COVID Relief Grant in the amount of $524,000 for the Galva District Monday night.  Superintendent Doug O’Riley said he and new Superintendent Joe Becker had been working on the grant. The grant is due June 30th.

O’Riley said they were applying for cleaning supplies, windows in both buildings as you need windows to open for ventilation, an air conditioner for the weight room, be able to waive fees for parents,  free breakfasts and lunches, replace some of the projectors and smartboards to make remote learning easier for everyone.  The grant would also provide tutors for students to catch up on credits and pay for some students to catch up some courses at Blackhawk College. He said the smartboards are 15 years old and they would be replaced with 60 inch smart TV’s. It was also mentioned that President Biden is working on a third  school grant.  He said that more students need extra help being home and not attending school on a full time basis.

The Galva school board approved for Galva students to return to school 5 days a week beginning Tuesday, March 16th.   The day goes from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students are given a snack about 9:30 a.m. and lunch is sent home. The students have been only attending 2 days per week from 8 a.m. to noon.  It was the district’s goal to have as many as they could back for the last nine weeks of this year. Parents still have the option of having their students stay home doing their work on the computer.  Students are asked to dress appropriately to go outside during the day to get a break from wearing a mask.

Junior Senior High School Principal Joe Becker reported to the board that plans are underway for an outdoor high school graduation.  The graduation has been set for Sunday, May 16th at the football field. He said they would set up a stage and make it the best they could for the senior class.

He said that if there is bad weather predicted, maybe Saturday, May 15th. He said they have a great sound system that he felt everyone could hear well.

Becker also told the board that Prom has been set for April 24th at the River Music Experience in Davenport.

It will be a formal affair, masks required, social distancing followed and no dancing. There will be entertainment of Guys in Ties and Rock and Roll Bingo.  Some prizes have been donated for the students.

The following personnel items were  approved Monday night:

*approved the maternity leave for Kathryn Bosnich starting April 30th through the end of the 2020-21 school year.

*approved Leslie Rogers as a volunteer assistant coach for junior-high and high school cheerleading.

*approved Darcy Swanson as head coach for 8th grade girls basketball. Principal Joe Becker said he is very excited to be able to h

*approved Sarah Townsend as head coach for 7th grade girls basketball

*approved Colton Garcia as volunteer assistant coach for high school baseball.

*approved Shane Kaiser as boys varsity track coach

*assignment  of second-year probationary teacher to third year probationary status for 2021-22 school year-

Holly Wangelin, Heather Sellers, Jessica Dean, and Amanda Dynes.

*Assignment of third year probationary teacher to fourth year probationary status for 2021-2022—Katie Bosnich, Rachel Remmert and Josh Morris.

*Assignment of fourth year probationary teacher to tenured status-Josh Harris.

*formalize retirement plan for Principal Mary Kelly. The board approved for Kelly to receive a 6% pay increase for the 2021-2022 school year and another 6% increase for the 2022-23 school year before her retirement.

*approve Caelin Foley as assistant boys/girls varsity track coach.

The board unanimously approved the golf and cross country co-op with ROWVA and Williamsfield for 2021 and 2022 school years.

It was reported that there are three vacancies in the district, math teacher, industrial arts, and athletic director.

The school calendar was approved for 2021-22.

The board also approved membership to IHSA, IDTA, and ICCA

The next meeting will be Monday, April 19th when the new board will be seated after the election.  New committees will also be named for the board members.

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