Exhibitions at Bishop Hill to open

Geneseo Republic
Bishop Hill Museum

For Bishop Hill’s 175th Anniversary, two museum exhibitions are opening Friday April 9. Join the Vasa National Archives and Museum as they open their doors for the 2021 season with an Opening Reception for an exhibit looking at the history of Christianity in Sweden from 830-1846. The new exhibit will explore early missionaries, saints, religious movements and more. Call 309 927-3898 for more information.

At the Steeple Building Museum, Colonists and Their Descendants: In Their Own Words will be opening. This multi-media exhibition consisting of never before seen video interviews, audio clips, and photographs of Bishop Hill Colonists and their descendants that tells the story of Bishop Hill from their point of view. Some of the items that will be in the display are audio clips from Jonas Bergren’s wax cylinder recordings; video interviews of Charlotte Falk, Morris Nelson, and Oliva Hultgren; audio only interviews of Ron Nelson, Ruth Melton, and Steve Stoneberg; photographs produced from recently donated glass plate negatives of Bishop Hill; and much more. The last day of this exhibition will be Friday October 29, 2021. Please call 309 927-3899 for more details about this exhibit.

Also, please check out the Bishop Hill Museum as they have updated several of their displays. Their latest display includes items from different Old Settlers' Days and anniversary celebrations. Items include: a program and ribbon from the first Old Settlers' Day in 1896, a pennant and photograph from the 70th anniversary in 1916, a button from the 80th anniversary in 1926, a ribbon and medallion from the 100th anniversary in 1946, a program and button from the 125th anniversary in 1971, and commemorative license plates from the 150th anniversary in 1996. Items will be on display all year as Bishop Hill celebrates its 175th anniversary. Call 309 927-3345 for more information.