Property Transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Real estate transfers from the Sandusky County Auditor's office.

Shirley P.Wates to Vincent G. Lindeen, 307 A. Pleasant St. Cambridge $41,000.00.

Federal Home Loan Mortage Corporation of 5000 Plano Parkway, Carrollton, TX to Jacob William Osbourne, 639 W Wells St., Geneseo. Address is 510 Locust St. Geneseo, IL $84,000.00

Colene Tracey, Todd Noe, Chris Nelson, to Kelly L. Kirkhove and Zachary A. VanWassenhove of Milan. $152,000.00.

Denny and Tamara Bartz of Colona to John and Sally Wannemacher, 23937 Kings Drive, Colona $500,000.00.

Timothy & Kelly Yager to Stephen and Lisa Yarger,

Commencing at an iron rod at the Northeast corner of the Southwest quarter of said Section twenty-three (23) Thence West along the North line of the Southeast qurter of said section 23, a distance of 1152.90 feet to an iron rod being at the place of beginning for the tract to be describe, thence continuing West along the North line of the southeast quarter of said Section Twenty-three (23) a distance of 439.00 feet to an iron rod, thence South 01 degree, 00 West, along an extending fence line 197.03 feet to an iron rod, thence east 443. 63 feet to an iron rod; thence North 00 degree 05 West, long an existing fence line, 197 feet to the place of beginning and containing 2.00 acres, more or less, all situated in Township 17 North range, Range 3 East of the fourth principal meridian. $75,000.00.

Lisa Rashid to Nathan Rashid, 534 E. Mclure St., Kewanee $236,000.00

Christina McClay of Kewane, Joshua Bliss, Beloit, Wisconsin, and Jason Bliss of Kewanee to Cyndia Barragan, 323 W. Oak St., Kewanee, IL $25,000.00.

Ruth P. Liberoot, of Clemont, Florida to Marsha Davis, of 9920 N1500 Ave, Osco, Il, 516 W 1st, Kewanee $49,000.00.

James & Darlene Coppejans to Benjamin & Kathryn Abbott, 11 Pine Ridge Lane, Geneseo. $171.500.