Geneseo Board thanks outgoing member, looks to add vaccinations

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Outgoing Board member, James Ash (Left) is thanked by Superintendent Adam Brumbaugh for his service to the District 228 community. Brumbaugh presented Ash with a Maple Leaf Medallion as a token of appreciation.

The Geneseo School Board met Thursday April 8.  

James Ash, who will be leaving the Board, was recognized for the contributions made during his tenure on the Board.  When asked what he felt were his most significant accomplishments during that time, Ash replied the things he was proudest of was the role he played in helping kickstart the Vocational project, and hiring Adam Brumbaugh as the Superintendent. "It has been a good  four years, we've made some big accomplishments in that time.  It has been a pleasure serving these last four years."

Kane Causemaker will be taking Ash's seat on the Board. 

The Board moved quickly through a variety of items on the Agenda.  The School District and the Office of Emergency Management are looking at doing a Covid vaccination clinic for students 16 to 18 years of age onsite and with parental consent for minors. This would utilize the Pfizer vaccine.  This is in the planning stage, and they hope to have in place before the end of the school year. 

A rapid test is looked at being implemented for students that are showing possible symptoms, to rule out Covid.  They plan to work within guidelines set down by IDPH and ISBE.

A contract was approved to hire Boyd Jones as the Construction Management consultants on the Vocational building project.  Boyd Jones will work closely with the District's architect to provide a facility that meets the needs of the District, making maximum use of the funds available.  

Summer School plans have been approved for an expanded program which covers grades K-12, and will run 5 weeks from June 1 to July 1.  The District will be reaching out to families shortly. 

Graduation will take place tentatively May 23 this year, and will feature a Graduation Parade,  introduced last year, to take the 2021 grads from out by the Fareway parking lot  to the ceremonies at the football field.