Boots on the Ground class at Grace Church in Geneseo

Claudia Loucks
Jamie Johnson, left, Justin Johnson, Will DeJohn and Bryce Johnson are hoping area men, young and old, will join them at the “Boots on the Ground” Sunday school class at Grace United Methodist Church in Geneseo.

Jamie Johnson believes in young people and puts his everything into preparing his sons as well as other young men for the future.

Johnson founded the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club several years ago at Grace United Methodist Church when fathers and sons, and other youth and adults met monthly for breakfast and a program at the church.

Then came Covid and during that year off, Johnson said he became aware that the “boys” had become young men and because groups are still not able to meet for meals, he recently started the Sunday morning class. “Boots on the Ground” Sunday school class which is a result of the Men and Boys Saturday Morning Breakfast Club.

“Boots on the Ground meets from 10 to 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings at the church, 318 North Center St. Area men and boys of all ages are invited to the class, regardless of church affiliation or without any church affiliation.

Currently the group is studying the Book of James and Johnson said, “James is the book of action and is about how faith can be demonstrated through works.” For more information, email Johnson at

Johnson’s teachings relate to all ages and at a recent class he asked those in attendance to tell what they had in their “tool belts.”

“We were trying to show that what the young men have in their tool belts or skill sets is different from the older men, but we all have a unified tool box…The young men bring us their experiences and their outlooks and we give them our experiences and outlooks. When we are all together in one room, all of those skills are unified and it gives the boys or young men an opportunity to share their experiences. The men share things the boys have not yet experienced, and we are learning from each other.”

At one session, Johnson threw a water bottle at one of the young men and because the young man was not prepared, he didn’t catch the bottle. When he first told the young man that he was going to throw the bottle, he then caught it….”What I was trying to emphasize is that when you are caught off guard, you may make a clumsy attempt, but when you have confidence you can do just fine. If we can prepare them, when the boys go off to college, they will have confidence and they will do just fine.”

“In the class, we are attempting to make these boys and young men aware of skill sets that they possess already but may not realize they have, and by taking action and achieving results solidifies the confidence they will need going forward,” Johnson said.