Property Transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Real estate transfers from the Sandusky County Auditor's office.

Bassford Construction, Moline to Rolland D. Marshall 232 Hillcrest Drive, Geneseo $176,000.00

Rodney Scott, Brent Pettersson to Daniel Negley and Jessica Sears 602 Northwest 10th St. Galva, IL $88,000,00

JICTB, city of Champaign, IL to Waitneh Development, LaSalle, IL 218 E. 3rd St. Kewanee $65,000.00.

Illini Tax Investments to Michael Seabloom and Clarissa Chamberlain, city of Kewanee 825 Columbus Ave, Kewanee $190,000.00

Elizabeth Ann Wyffels to Colin Hoyt Pullman and Jessica Shaw-Pullman, 13476 N 2150 Ave, Geneseo, IL $123,000.00.

2CF Colona DC, 11C to 86th Colona, LLC, 901 1st Colona, $895,000.00