Undercover Food Critic

Undercover Critic
Raelynn's Pub & Eatery

The Undercover Food Critic decided to start the gastronomic journey through Henry County at Raelyn's Pub and Eatery, 217 N. State Street in downtown Geneseo.  

Myself and my companion arrived during a busy dinner hour on a Friday night.  While we waited for a table to open, two very friendly and masked bartenders walked us through the various offerings on tap.  For those of us unable to make those hard decisions, a sample was offered of the ones we found interesting.  I ordered an Elysan Winter Pale Ale, my companion played it safe with a Blue Moon.  The Pale Ale was smooth, not too hoppy, with a hint of citrus.  

Shown to our table in the back of the rustic natural brick walled dining area, we were seated, and given menus.  Asking the waitress what her suggestions were, she advised that any of the burgers were exceptional, as well as the Chicken Bacon Club, or the fish tacos.  I ordered the Chicken Bacon Club, my companion the BLT Club.  The tater tots beat the healthier choice of steamed vegetables as a side.  

When the food arrived, the Chicken Bacon Club was everything promised.  A full breast, tenderized and panko breaded, fried to a delicate crunch, with two large slices of crispy bacon, but not to the point of shattering when bitten.  Slices of Swiss and American cheese along with generous slices of tomato and lettuce completed the sandwich. A bountiful portion of tots completed the experience.  The waitresses' suggestion did not disappoint. 

My companion's BLT was full of well cooked bacon, again, not overcooked, with a generous side of french fries.  

Dinner for two at Raelyn's was moderate, with the bill coming to just over $30 with tip, for two sandwiches with sides, and two pints of draft beer. 

Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.  A full bar is also available.  During nice weather, Raelyn's also offers patio seating.