Galva Council addresses junk, hears about solar and internet

Carol Townsend
City of Galva

Only 43 properties out of the 110 letters sent out in March concerning junk, unlicensed vehicles etc.  have complied according to Galva’s Police  Chief Kraig Townsend at Monday nights city council meeting. It was reported to the council that 8 more have fixed some items but not all.

This is 35-40 % that complied.

It was noted at the March 29th city council meeting that they had 2 weeks to comply.

Two Galva police officers went around Galva on Monday checking on the progress.

The violators are now given until June 21-25 which is Galva’s clean ups days.

More details will be given on clean-up days when they get closer. In the past residents that are able and have a way to get the items there  are asked to bring them to a roll off at the City Maintenance building during certain hours.

Fire hydrants will be flushed May 17th-May 28th. This could cause rusty water.

It was reported that the city has a major water leak under US 34 near the Grace Methodist Church. The road will have to be dug up to repair the issue that is leaking underground. This work will begin next week and Ratliff Brothers of Kewanee will do the digging.

The council approved a franchise from Mid Century to Fiber to  start installing high speed internet into Galva residential areas There are several sections that have enough subscribers to begin work.

Mayor Rich Volkert said that several people who work at home would like to live in Galva but have not been able to with our present internet suppliers.

The council approved Night Watch security to provide cameras in Wiley Park. There will be a camera on the new band shelter, playground, picnic shelter and outside the  restrooms for a cost of about $5,000. The DVR will store about 30 days of action and will be located at City Hall.

This company provides cameras at the Galva Police Station and the Galva Fire Station and has worked  out very well with no problems.

Third ward alderwoman Jackie Clucas asked several questions on what happens if someone is caught doing damage or others actions of misconduct.

Chief Townsend said that parents would be notified first and maybe a juvenile referral and possibly a court date. Mayor Rich Volkert said, “Maybe this will wake up some parents.”

Chief Townsend said that sometimes community service is done as “they like to punish the child not the parent.” Chief Townsend said he feels it will help just getting the word out. There has been cameras there in the past but are older and need to be updated.

A presentation was given from a rep from BOW Renewables for a solar project for the former landfill in the NE corner of Galva. It was noted that it could produce 5,343 mega watt hours per year which would help 507 households. If the city would lease the property and it would go through, it could generate $912,781 over a 30 year span for the City of Galva. The company is going to send a lease next week for the city to look over.

The newspaper correspondent asked why the trains are blocking the crossings more. Chief Townsend said that about 10 days ago, all tracks in Galva were blocked for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Anyone needing to cross the tracks had to drive East of town to The Dunes to cross.

Mayor Volkert said all city officials have called and he urges the public to get involved.

The number to call is BNSF police at 800 832-5452 or 312 850-5678. They will ask for the crossing number and the number of the Chester Street crossing is 079756X(near Shop and Go ) and the Exchange Street crossing on US 34 and 17 number is 079757E.

Galva does not have the money to have an ambulance and fire trucks on both sides of the tracks.

Monday night’s meeting was held remotely but Mayor Volkert said hopes by the May  meeting that the council can meet in person again 

at City Hall.

Residents can put their yard waste out in yard waste bags and must have a sticker on each bag.  The city picks up the bags every first and third Monday mornings.  Have your bags out by 6 a.m. You can purchase the stickers by calling City Hall at 932-2555 and they will make arrangements for you to pick them up as they are closed to the public coming inside at this time.