Mural project pitched to Geneseo Council

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Geneseo City Hall

The Geneseo Council met Tuesday April 23rd.

Returning council members, Paula Simosky, Robert James, Martin Rothschild and Douglas Crow were sworn in.  They will serve for another two year term. 

One of the Council's first order of business was the annexation of a property at 19775 E. 1500 St, Geneseo to the City.  This annexation to the city was at the request of the property owner, due to issues they had with a septic at that  location. 

Chris Martinez, owner of Legacy Wellness Company, has proposed a Legacy Mural Project to the City.  In a letter explaining his program, he would like to have a changing mural painted on the outside of the building at 109 S. Center St., across from the post boxes west of the Post Office downtown.  These murals would be painted by local artists or high school students, and change several times a year.  The subject material would be Geneseo history. 

A motion to vacate parking on the west side of N. Center Street  between Exchange and Brown was made.  The street had narrowed considerably when curbs and gutters were done in recent years, and is not wide enough to accommodate traffic and parking on both sides.  This move only affects the one block. 

The Cherry Street Lift Station will open for bids May 6.  The project will begin once the crops are out of the field in the fall. The project involves rerouting the station over to the Prairie St. Station.  There was some concerns the Cherry Street station would not be able to accommodate the town homes going up in the neighborhood, possibly resulting in further water and sewer issues.  The town home developer, Bear Development, had pledged $140,000 towards the upgrade.  City Administrator Jo Hollenkamp felt that stimulus funds could be used to help pay for the project, should the cost exceed that amount. 

Several letters regarding the unannounced cleanup of Oakwood Cemetery were read to the council.  General consensus was dissatisfaction with the sudden application of rules that had gone decades without enforcement.