Property Transfers

compiled by Lisa Samuelson
Real estate transfers from the Sandusky County Auditor's office.

David Sherrard Living Trust o Carol Taber 1215 E Truitt Rd, Chilicothe, IL 316 Edwards St. Kewanee  $75,000.00

Jeffrey S. Utsinger and Lori N. Scaralina Utsinger to Alek Seiwek and Della Dockery Jackson Rock Island Lot 145 of StoneBridge Crossing. $250,000.00

Brian W. Dewe of Orion to Trevor Leonbach, 1300 13th St, Orion $149,000.

Linda and Jeff Padgett city of Sarasota, FL to Josha  and Ashley Brookhart, 210 N 1st Ave, Colona, IL $210,000.00

Kenneth and Lori Sedlock to Lester C and Melissa Larson 100 8th Ave, Colona  $60,000.00

Nancy Sutton to Darryl Painter, 140 Dwight St., Kewanee $81,000.00

Randall and Janet Larson 2409 N 500 Ave, Alpha, IL to Robert and Lisa Ann Murphy Aledo 2409 N 500 Ave, Alpha, IL $195,000.00

Sue Garlick of Geneseo to Steven Dean Carter, Davenport, IA, 717 Oakwood Place, Geneseo $175,000.00

Henry and Wesley Carius, Katherine Carius, to David Michael Bary, 101 S. Stewart St., Geneseo $192,000,00