Levitt AMP breaks in Galva stage, announces lineup

Carol Townsend
Beth Bombara and her band of St. Louis  entertained a crowd at Galva’s Wiley Park on Saturday night. This band was the first to play on the new stage among the building supplies. The stage is not quiet finished. The brickwork, wiring and roofs still need to be completed.

he following was announced Saturday night as the Levitt series to be held on Sunday nights this summer:

Concert Date                Artist/Band             Headliner                   Genre(s)

5/30/21             Good Morning Bedlam                7PM                 Folk rock

5/30/2021         Surf Zombies                               6PM                 Surf rock

6/6/2021          Avey Grouws Band                       7PM                 Blues

6/6/2021          Stone & Snow                               6PM                 Americana, folk

6/13/2021        Shamarr Allen                               7PM                Jazz, Funk, Hip-Rock

6/13/2021        The Deep Hollow                          6PM                 Americana

6/20/2021        Rags and Riches                          7PM                 Indie rock, Christian

6/27/2021        Ley Line                                        6 PM                Folk, Honduran Punta

06/27/2021      Radio Free Honduras                    7PM                Flamenco, Jazz Fusion, 

6/27/2021        The Arcadian Wild                          6PM               Bluegrass

7/11/2021         To be determined                           7PM

7/11/2021         Bonne Finken                                 6PM               pop, rock

7/18/2021        Lewis Knudsen                                6PM              Indie rock, pop, soul, 

7/18/2021        Mississippi Heat                               7PM             Blues

7/25/2021        Heather Newman                             6PM             Blues

7/25/2021        Elizabeth Moen                                 7PM            Folk rock and pop

8/1/2021          Trevor Sensor                                   6PM            Rock

8/1/2021          India Ramey                                     7PM             Americana noire, 

8/8/2021          Craig Gerdes                                    6PM             Outlaw Country

8/8/2021          Wayne Hancock                                7PM             Honky tonk                                                         

There is no rain plan so if there is inclement weather, it will have to either be  cancelled  or postponed until the storm breaks. The new a stage has  a hard roof now so this is a little less of an issue than it was in the past according to organizer John Taylor.

There will be food vendors as in the past.

As of right now , there can be audiences up to 25% capacity of the park, which, if everyone socially distances should work. 

John Taylor said Monday, “ We are asking guests to wear a mask if there are times they are unable to social distance. If COVID-19 restrictions were to tighten again we would do those shows online only.”

It was announced Saturday night that Galva has also been awarded the Levitt series for 2022 also.

It was also announced Saturday night that a dedication of the new stage will be held when Jane Doss can be present.

Doss donated $100,000 in memory of her parents Kyle and Joan Doss to build the stage.